Gallic Light Cavalry

Talk about repurposing! Many years ago I bought a box of Gallic cavalry from Warlord Games, to add to my Dacian army. I misplaced – or rather, accidentally used elsewhere – the plastic sprue included in the box, and these metal horses and attached lower bodes have been on my lead pile ever since.

However, as I am in full Ancients mode, I decided to dig them out and do something creative with them! I have some more Gauls on foot from Victrix lying about, to which I took a saw. I took care to match the naked torsos with the horses that have lower bodies without the hem of a tunic showing, and vice versa for the others; I also had to file away some chainmail on some lower bodies. Most of the joins went together without the need for putty, although it isn’t perfect – but the neck of the horses hide most of this just fine.

As these horses are quite a bit smaller than the (overly) large mounts from the Victrix Gallic Cavalry set I have opted to arm these riders with javelins. I did use the helmeted heads for all these guys – in spite of their light armament these guys wouldn’t have been the poorest men in the tribe, given their ownership of a horse. I might go back in and give them shields, however. In WAB there is no entry for unshielded cavalry, and the addition of shields with Little Big Men transfers will make my paintjob look far better than it actually is!

As said, I have been in Ancients painting mode for the last few weeks. My Carthaginian army is close to being completely finished, if you can believe it. I’ll try and do a full spread on them if the weather permits it. Keep your eyes peeled for that one, it’ll be glorious!

Space Hulk Vol. VIII – The Armchair General

Because everything regarding Space Hulk painting went so swimmingly in March I decided to add another gaming piece to the queue: the dead Terminator objective marker. Gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘armchair general’, doesn’t it?

I mounted him onto a base for uniformity and to add a bit of height, then painted him just like his brothers in arms. I didn’t bother with weathering yet, but I might come back in with some grime later.

That’s it for this triple update! Work will commence on the next Termie tomorrow, and I hope it wont take me as long to provide you with another update. In other news, I have purchased the box insert and foam from Feldherr, and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to put these painted miniatures away in their designated slots. Truly cathartic!

Space Hulk Vol. VII – Bursting with Joy!

With March’s other Space Hulk output being a bit more intensive – you’ll see why soon – I opted to tackle two of the easiest Genestealer models in the box this month – the two guys bursting from the floor. In order to get these models to fit on a 25mm round base I had to cut down the edges of their integral ‘base’, and I then glued the trimmings around the edge of the join to look like shards of metal – I’m very pleased with how that turned out!

Painting wise, nothing new. Same technique, working from a dark blue undercoat so most colours cover well. Next month’s ‘Stealers will probably be more work, but I’m ready for it!

Space Hulk vol. VI – Brother Omnio

Looks like I have some catching up to do on my Space Hulk posts! Although painting has continued apace there’s been a spate of gloomy weather in my area, prohibiting me from taking decent pictures until now. Spring is among us, so, here’s my Termie for March, Brother Omnio.

Because the first two Terminators were special characters, I figured I’d better tackle one of the regular guys with storm bolter and power fist. This is one of the simpler sculpts, although still festooned with detail. I reckon these 2009 Space Hulk terminators were rather experimental for GW in that they were prototypes of sorts in ultra-detailed single part plastics, so they really pushed the envelope.

I have to say I’m quite pleased with my finish on the armour this time around. I didn’t change anything regarding choice of colours, but I think the highlights I did were more effective. It’s also the first Terminator where the armour was all red and not obscured by a cloak, so it had better be good!

My aim now is to finish the rest of Squad Lorenzo first, so for the next three months I’m going to tackle two more regular Termies and the one with the heavy flamer. This way I’ll be able to play the first mission come summer. Good times ahead!

Space Hulk vol. V – More ‘Stealers

It’s a week overdue, but here’s the next batch of Space Hulk models. They were completed at the end of February, but I’ve only now found the time to photograph them.

I chose to do three instead of two this month, because these sculpts are all in a similar pose – indeed, two are copies and the other is a digitally mirrored version! To make them fit on a 25mm base I cut down the girder. Looks fine if you ask me.

Painting wise I reversed the application of colours, in this case working from an undercoat of macragge blue which it is easier to apply the sotek green basecoat onto. Other than that, same-same. These models do have lots of detail on their chests and inner limbs which I couldn’t get to on account of their pose, so I left this a dark blue. Simple.

That’s five ‘Stealers squared away – a quarter of the them done! For March it’s back to two models, though. As I write these words, this month’s Terminator’s coat of varnish is drying, so the next update should arrive very soon! Tah!

Viking Personalities

Footsore Miniatures sells some of the best sculpts in the business, if you ask me, so when they announced their Black Friday sale I was quick to pounce. I’m buying considerably fewer  these days, but these I had to have.

These six models are meant as characters for my (Anglo-)Viking army. Morcar & Edwin are featured unaltered. Their lovely poses made me pick them.

Then there’s king Alfred and his bannerman. I replaced Alfred’s head with a Viking one from Victrix – a fairly straightforward conversion, and I think he now looks the part of a Nordic nobleman.

Finally, we have Merlin and Lancelot. Merlin is unaltered, and will stand in as a shaman of sorts. Lancelot got the short end of the stick – another head swap for a Victrix one and a hand axe are enough to make him look like a tough dreng.

I won’t go into too much detail on how I painted these as everything was fairly straightforward, much like my other dark age models. I took care to add some freehanding to all of them – really basic stuff like single or double lines on their tunics or cloaks in the main, but I find it immediately makes them more interesting to look at.

That’s it for this update! No more Dark Age models for a bit now, as I have switched back to Ancients for my sword & board fix. More Space Hulk to come very soon!

Space Hulk vol. IV – Sergeant Lorenzo

Some of you may know, some of you may not, but my first name is Laurens. Some of you may also know, some of you may not, but I love cooking and eating Italian food. So, when there’s a space marine called Lorenzo that needs painting, he’s in the front of the queue. Ovviamente!

So here’s the second Termie from the Space Hulk set to receive a paintjob, and what an ordeal it was. What made this one so tricky was his cloak. With these kinds of assemblies it’s a chicken-or-the-egg debate – do you do the inside of the cloak first so that it’s okay if you hit the legs by accident, or do you do the legs first because that colour was basecoated by the undercoat already? Surprisingly, I ended up being neat enough not to worry – not my style at all!

It should come as no surprise that I started off from a mephiston red basecoat for this one, doing two pin washes with druchii violet next. Pin washes are not my specialty at all – I prefer slapping a wash across everything and then highlighting up with the base colour – but for larger flat areas it’s definitely the way to go. I then started highlighting with a progression of evil sunz scarlet, wild rider red and finally bronzed flesh. I tried to be a bit more subtle with that last colour but it still leaves much to be desired. It’s a really old hex pot from the mid-nineties, and it’s amazing how richly pigmented that paint is.

Although I think I did improve on some features, some have not come out as well as with the Librarian. For one, the Crux Terminatus on the left shoulderpad isn’t looking quite as crisp, although in my defence it isn’t molded as well. Also, I’m not very pleased with how the power sword has turned out. It being a focal point for the model, I should add to the effect some more. It’s the very last part of the model I painted, and I was running out of mojo.

Still, that’s my Marine for February done. Other than basing them I haven’t commenced work on this month’s batch of Genestealers yet – there are some lovely (Anglo-)Danish models from Footsore on my desk currently, and they are likely to appear on the blog soon.

Until next time, dear readers! Or viewers, if you came just for the pictures!

Space Hulk vol. III – look what the C.A.T. dragged in

As my penultimate model for January I painted the cutest model in the Space Hulk set, namely the C.A.T. There isn’t much to say about this one other than that the pictures don’t do my paintjob justice, so here goes.

I tried to follow the official paint scheme in the booklet, but it’s turned out rather bland. Perhaps another spot colour is needed.

It’s far from the most essential piece in the box anyway – I think it’s only used in one mission – but it’s a nice thing to tick off the list.

These might just be the last pictures with my current smartphone, as there’s a new one in the mail. Let’s hope it takes much better pictures, the blog could use it!

That’s all I have for you today. Tomorrow it’s February, which means work commences on the next Terminator. It’ll probably be another slow and meticulous procedure on that paintjob, but I look forward to showing it. Stay tuned…

Irish Mounted Warlord

Time for an historical update, after all that 40k nonsense!

I’m building up my Irish warband towards a size suitable for WAB, and to that end I placed an order with Footsore Miniatures during Black Friday last year. Of course I couldn’t pass up their excellent mounted warlord model, which I have the pleasure of showing you today.

The sculpt comes in one piece, with just the weapon hand (if you choose to arm it with a club) and the shield as separate pieces. Nice and simple! After cleaning up the model – never a chore with Footsore’s exceptionally clean casts – I undercoated it mournfang brown and washed it black to get most of the horse done. I then highlighted the horse with mournfang brown and skrag brown, avoiding the horse’s legs, mane, tail and nose. I debated adding some socks to the horse, what do you readers think?

Then on to the rider, who was handled in the same manner as the rest of his warband in terms of quality and colour choice, although I did use a splash of red to set him apart. So does the gold detailing. The cloak is a thunderhawk blue basecoat – one of my favourite GW colours – washed with coelia greenshade and highlighted back up with the base colour + white.

Apart from this lovely chap, there are plenty of Irish on the way – in fact, I am nearly through my first box of Wargames Atlantic plastics, all painted up and based! More on those in a future blog post, perhaps even in a review format. Also in the works are a couple more Viking characters. Surely, the dark ages are a fascinating subject these days…

Space Hulk Vol. II: First Contact

Also on my Space Hulk plate for the month of January were two of the twenty Genestealers (plus Broodlord) included in the box – I’m splitting these as evenly as possible, with the Broodlord at the end as a reward. I elected to tackle two identical sculpts at a time, which paints up easier.

It’s my very first time painting anything Tyranid ever, and new models are always a fun challenge! I chose to replicate the official colour scheme of purple and turquoise, mainly because I almost never paint purple. For these parts I started from a basecoat of Phoenician purple which I overbrushed with xereus purple and washed with druchii violet. I then highlighted with xereus purple and dechala lilac. I’ve had the latter colour since it came out eight years ago in the ‘Eavy Metal Edge Paint Set I got from my then-girlfriend-now-wife Eva, and I reckon it’s only the second time I’ve opened that paint. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Halfway through all the purple, I looked at the official colour scheme and realised that there was a lot more turquoise than I’d originally thought – I’m definitely doing the colours the other way round for the next batch! The turquoise parts were basecoated sotek green, washed with drakenhof nightshade and then black, then highlighted back up with sotek green, temple guard blue and baharroth blue. All that was left then were the claws and teeth, done with morghast bone washed with seraphim sepia, highlighted ushabti bone then wraithbone, and the eyes which were simply dotted in with wild rider red.

I have one more update for Space Hulk this month, but it will be much, much cuter. Stay tuned!