Introducing the Inevitable

 I figured I’d kick things off with a brief introduction of your obd’t servant, and an outline of this blog’s purpose.

 I have been collecting miniatures since the summer of 2001, and started playing tabletop games with them the year after. Like many compatriots in the hobby I started out with Games Workshop products, and have – finally! – moved on to the historical side of things since mid-2012. Apart from this hobby, I am an avid worshipper of historical literature, strong ales and rich meals.

 My painting projects mostly coincide with a (rekindled) interest in a certain historical era or army/national background – as you will notice from the blog updates I intend to post, I do a lot of hopping back and forth between projects, either to keep things fresh or to get my forces ready for a certain gaming event. As such, my contributions to the blog will be varied and fragmented in parts. I won’t always have access to a decent camera, so pictures will be of greatly variable (and often shabby) quality.

 The purpose of this blog will mainly consist of providing myself with a backlog of projects I’ve finished, some notable games I played, and perhaps some reviews of miniatures and rulesets. As for you, the reader, I hope I’ll provide the occasional worthwhile read or inspiration for your own hobby experience. Feel free to comment and/or criticize, please!

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