French Cuirassiers for a Friend

Well these guys went quicker than imagined. The first batch of six is done, the next six should be finished by the weekend. After that it’s either one more twelve-strong cuirassier squadron, or an equal-sized squadron of dragoons. I think I’m going to go with the dragoons, just for variety. On to the pictures!

Again, Perry miniatures prove their worth. Note that the musician is a metal model.

Again, Perry miniatures prove their worth. Note that the musician is a metal model.

I usually don’t take on commission work, as I find it very hard to a) actually interest myself in painting something other than my own models and b) attach an appropriate cost to a paintjob. For this commission, however, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of being able to paint these models in exchange for an even greater second-hand batch of Frenchmen which I’ll be using myself, and as the cavalry is somewhat superfluous to what the commissioner already possesses he has set no deadlines.

Not bad for four hours work, right?

Not bad for four hours work, right?

The slight downside to painting this unit was that the horses had already been painted some time ago, to a different standard than the riders with which I had free rein (pun intended). I thus had to do some additional highlighting and shading on the horses in order to match the riders. The commissioner had already painted the horses a mid-brown (something bestial brown-ish) but had applied an ink with a very glossy finish… Somewhat alleviated by my subsequent highlight of skrag brown, but you can still see the shine, even on the pictures. I’m going to apply a matt spray varnish, hopefully that removes the worst effects.

The riders themselves were great fun to paint, and I completed them over Monday and Tuesday, expecting them to only be done by Thursday… but there you go, I’m writing this on Wednesday of the same week. That’s what happens when painting isn’t a chore! As far as new techniques or colour combinations go, these models were done very similarly to my own French; the blue is a simple caledor sky basecoat with drakenhof nightshade wash, the skin is a progression of bugman’s glow with a reikland fleshshade then highlighted with cadian fleshtone and kislev flesh, et cetera. Practically the only new thing I did was on the pantaloons, which were basecoated rakarth flesh, washed with seraphim sepia and then highlighted with again rakarth flesh. Nothing groundbreaking.

Missed a spot - the buttons on the back of the officer's tunic. Sorry.

Missed a spot – the buttons on the back of the officer’s tunic. Sorry.

I do have to say that one paint in GW’s new range is undeniably magnificent, and that is ceramite white. Many among you readers might be averse to GW for various reasons, but if you allow yourself this one purchase, you’ll save yourself a heap of trouble. Ceramite white has superb coverage, which is great for Napoleonic figures which have lots of white uniform details, straps etc. Again, I don’t get GW; they have this white as a base colour but then they also have a white paint in the layer category with very bad coverage. Why on earth would you buy the layer paint?

Anyway, rant over. I’ll try to get the other six cuirassiers in the unit finished by Saturday to take pictures of the entire unit, so the next update will be in a couple of days. I’ll also try to photograph my Arab and/or Viking warband over the weekend, and will be dedicating an update on them soon enough.

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