Old Space Ork ‘Ard Boyz

Due to massive time constraints this edition of Yesteryear Wednesday was delayed a bit – sorry for that. My parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary by throwing a party on Saturday and so my spare time suffers these days. But enough banter, let’s look at these Orkses.

Twelve Orks, just enough to fill a Trukk.

Twelve Orks, just enough to fill a Trukk.

Back when I first started out with ‘the hobby’, my mother used to work in a toy store. Her boss apparently had an old starter-type shelf he had once received from Games Workshop that was simply collecting dust in the back of the stockroom, so I received all of that stuff. Among the hodgepodge of items was a 2nd edition 40k starter set in German – the one in which two identical squads of Space Marines were pitted against 40 unipose Space Orks and 80 Gretchin. They’ve been collecting dust in my attic, too, but I dug these fellows out late last year, just for giggles. As you can see, I did convert them with spare Ork heads and some weapon swaps here and there. Painting was, of course, very straightforward, with naught but washes being used.

An equally old Bad Moonz Meganob leads the squad. Sculpt is dated from 1982.

An equally old Bad Moonz Meganob leads the squad. Sculpt is dated from 1982.

The Meganob, too, was part of that batch of models. I can’t remember the various models that were in the box, but there were a few blisters of old Squig Hoppers, a Doom Diver (the old model with the individual catapult), a few blisters of Heinrich Kemmler, an Eldrad Ulthran, and so on. I keep most of them in their blister as I reckon they’re worth more that way, but this one had to come out and lead the squad of course. That old mega armour is perhaps a bit too heavy looking to indicate the ‘eavy armour on these models, but since I’m running the unit as ‘ard boyz I think it works out well – it wouldn’t do to use one of those new Nobz in conjunction with that unit, now would it?

And so I’ll leave you until next update. With a bit of luck the first French dragoons will be finished by tomorrow evening, but with the impending busy weekend, photographing and writing about them might have to wait until Monday. In any case, you’ll see them soon enough. The barbecue is calling, and so we must part, Adieu!



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