More Viking Hirdmen and even more to come!

As I’ve been industriously painting Vikings these last weeks and months, I’m nearing the point where I might be able to field a division or small army of Vikings for Hail Caesar. For this reason, I’ve been looking at the armylist and points values in the respective appendix book for the game, and have concocted a sort-of armylist from it.

Now, for the most part I’ll be using my warband from Saga plus the other Vikings I’ve done so far, mounted on movement trays. Standard-sized units will be sixteen infantry strong, so the footprint of a standard unit will be 100mm x 100mm. Later on I could make the move to 24 models per unit, but in this way I can be economical with my painted models. So let’s take a look at the list!

  • Jarl Haakon, leader of the army (free of charge)
  • Heavy infantry Huscarls  –  36 points
  • Heavy infantry Hirdmen with upgrade to Tough Fighters  –  27 points
  • Heavy infantry Hirdmen with upgrade to Tough Fighters  –  27 points
  • Medium infantry Bondi  –  23 points
  • Light infantry Bondi with bows, with reduction to Small Unit  –  15 points
  • Light infantry Bondi with bows  –  21 points

This amounts to 149 points. The Medium infantry Bondi will be combined with one of the Hirdmen units to form two mixed units, which is one of the fun idiosyncracies of the armylist. In order to field this unit, I’m going to have to paint up a further 16 Bondi with bows and 2 Hirdmen, so this shouldn’t take too long; I’ll most likely paint them up in two batches of 9 over the coming few weeks.

As for the Hird I’ve painted up over the last week (largely parallel with those Dragoons): here they are!

A colourful bunch, aren't they?

A colourful bunch, aren’t they?

The models are Old Glory; I found them in the bring & buy section of a local games convention in March. They were packed in a clear plastic bag so I couldn’t really see the quality of the models, but at 30 euro for 75 models I thought they were quite a steal. As you can probably see, the quality of the sculpts is far from the plastic and metal Gripping Beast Vikings I’m used to, but there are still some nice poses in there.

The second one from the right was immortalised by my girlfriend as being "the one with the pyjama trousers".

The second one from the right was immortalised by my girlfriend as being “the one with the pyjama trousers”.

As with the previous batch of Hird, most of my attention went to the shields. The shields themselves are a mix of the ones that were packed with the models and some spare plastics from the Gripping Beasts.  Most of them are very simple quartered or halved designs, as you can see. The more special ones were copied from Little Big Men transfer sheets again – a great help without having to fork out 3 pounds per 12 models.

That’s it for now, I guess. I’m currently hard at work on those two French cannon – the guns themselves should be finished today, and the crew have received their blue basecoat and wash, which is actually half the work already! If I can get going on them, they should be finished by the weekend. After that, probably the other six French Dragoons, or perhaps something entirely different. Stay tuned!

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