Vikings, the whole bloody lot of ’em

Wednesday, and that means another episode of Yesteryear Wednesday! Although, to be honest, this will be a special episode. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the means to photograph any meaningful oldies this week, mainly because I’ve been gearing up for tomorrow’s Hail Caesar battle. I have, however, taken the time to take a couple of shots of the entire army as it stands at the moment, which is what one of my readers asked a long while ago.

Another shot of good old Haakon, who will be the general.

Another shot of good old Haakon, who will be the general.

The force will, of course, be led by Jarl Haakon. I’m glad that I can recycle my Saga warband for Hail Caesar, and the movement trays make this quite manageable. In Saga, the Viking warlord gets 4 attacks whereas most other generals get the standard 3 attacks – a nod to the battlecraft of this chap.

The entire force, and a chair. Don't mind the chair.

The entire force, and a chair. Don’t mind the chair.

There are actually a few slingers too many in the picture, as we agreed on a small unit size of 8. But as this shot encompasses the entirety of my collection of painted Vikings, I put them in as well.

The left section.

The left section.

So, from back to front, we have the small unit of bow armed Bondi (the slings will have to count as bows on this one), a mixed unit of Hird/Bondi, and a unit of Hird. There’s not all that much difference between the Hird and the Huscarls in the picture below as far as equipment goes, so I tried to differentiate them a bit by splitting the models up between manufacturers.

The right section.

The right section.

And here we have, again from front to back, a unit of bow-armed Bondi, another mixed Hird/Bondi unit, and the elite Huscarls. Due to a dearth of specific Berserker models I haven’t been able to give my units the characterful upgrade to incorporate some of those foaming-at-the-mouth types, but I’m sure they will put up a good fight nonetheless.

With that said, I’m done for the night. I will be making quite a few pictures tomorrow evening with the intention of putting up a battle report in the weekend, together with (hopefully) a painted shot of those accursed Dragoons. Stay tuna, as my Tau-playing friends would say.



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