Hollandish Pikemen (test models)

A while ago I mentioned on my blog that I had broken my promise of not buying any more models for about half a year. Those models arrived earlier this week, and of course I had to unpack them straight away. There’s more Sarmatians in the pipeline, which were also part of the order, but I decided to start off with the Swedish battalion for Pike&Shotte. The first test models were completed in a matter of moments, and I’m glad I can show you something as it’s been a rather quiet week painting-wise.

Lovely sculpts by Warlord Games.

Lovely sculpts by Warlord Games.

Though the models are Swedish soldiers designed for the Thirty Years War, I’ve taken more of an interest for the Eighty Years War. As I might’ve mentioned before, my girlfriend is currently writing a thesis on artworks as a form of propaganda between the protestants and catholics during that long war, and hearing her talk about it – and soon proofreading her eighty-page (eighty! how neat) thesis – has sparked my interests in that war mightily. The fact that I’m Flemish has a lot to do with it as well, obviously! So these Swedes were painted up as Hollanders instead.

To start painting a unit with the back rank is quite novel for me.

To start painting a unit with the back rank is quite novel for me.

For these models I’ve used a technique I frankly haven’t used much these last years, and that is drybrushing. The models were first heavily drybrushed in their entirety with celestra grey. A few of the areas were then basecoated with shadow grey and thunderhawk blue, after which the models were washed all over with drakenhof nightshade. I then went back and drybrushed the basecoat colours over the respective areas again. The orange areas, typical of Holland, were painted ratskin flesh, washed with carroburg crimson, and then highlighted ratskin flesh again. To change things up with the leather too, I used alternating basecoats of xv-88, mournfang brown and doombull brown which were all washed with agrax earthshade. The other areas, such as the skin and wood, were painted in their usual way so I won’t explain those. The result is a very fast effect and one which I’m actually rather pleased with. On to the rest, of course!

Coming up next: Those Dragoons, finally? I’ve painted these four up as a sort of break between painting the horses and the riders. The riders themselves have been given their green basecoat, so it’s just a matter of days now… I hope. After that, there might be more Hollanders (The regiment should be done in three batches now) or some Sarmatians, or perhaps some Vikings again. You’ll find out soon enough.

Houdt u vroom,
Stut de Spaanse scharen!

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