Angels of Absolution Terminators

It’s actually Thursday already, so I’d best be quick in sharing this episode of Yesteryear Wednesday with you! Although us bastards here in Flanders finally had a first glimpse of summer this week, my normally robust constitution decided to break down last Sunday and so I’ve been out for most of the week. I wasn’t good for anything beyond lying down and sneezing and coughing copiously, so I hope you’ll take that as an apology for my lack of activity this week. Still, I managed to take some pictures!

I thought long and hard on the subject of this contribution, and in the end I decided to look at the stats of my blog. WordPress keeps track of the search engine terms wherethrough visitors end up on my page, and though I get a fairly good spread of interests, the searches for Dark Angels and Angels of Absolution tend to top the list. So I thought I’d show some more of my Angels of Absolution, as the only thing these people are currently rewarded with for visiting my blog is that horrid Darkshroud. So I hope you’ll like these better – I, for one, certainly do.

These are the five Terminators from the Dark Vengeance starter set.

These are the five Terminators from the Dark Vengeance starter set.

I painted the model with the chainfist in France last year, shortly after I’d bought the set. The rest of the unit was completed early this year. Though the Angels of Absolution are an  ‘official’ successor chapter of the Dark Angels, I’ve so far found only the colour scheme for the regular marines. Seeing as how these marines are painted largely with the colour scheme of the Dark Angels Deathwing, I decided to be creative and to paint my Terminators with the colour scheme of the Dark Angels marines.

Some excellent plastic mould tooling went into this set.

Some excellent plastic mould tooling went into this set.

Most areas on these models were painted with techniques you’ll be very familiar with by now, but I’ll tell you how I did the green. It was basecoated caliban green, edge highlighted with warpstone glow and then moot green, and finally washed with biel-tan green shade applied as a glaze. I believe GW advertises these colours for painting Dark Angels as well, and you can be assured that it works. One other area I’m happy about is the sword, this was wetblended from stegadon scale green through sotek green and temple guard blue to baharroth blue. This last colour was then used as a swirly pattern across the sword. Quite simple, despite the four different tones involved.

That’s about all I have to say about these models. They’re not great paintjobs, but they’re a decent enough tabletop standard. I still haven’t played a single game with them yet, so at the moment I’m undecided about what to do with my collection – I might paint up the rest and sell them off for a decent price. If that happens, you’ll be the first to know!

In other news: those bloody Dragoons should be finished by tomorrow, which is about a full week later than what I’d set out for. There’s going to be no Napoleonics after this for a long time. So I’ll do an update on those Dragoons this weekend, coupled with that battle report I owe you. Until then!



  1. joelpurton

    Nice! I went with Angels of Absolution for my DV set too, but I think I’m going with the Deathwing-esque bone. I almost went with black. I can’t make up my mind! Great painting though, may better than mine. How many coats do you do?

    • laurensvannijvel

      Hey, thank you for your comment. There’s not much information on this successor chapter so that means a carte blanche to do whatever you like with the colour scheme, so if you have a different take, all the better.

      I believe I went with two coats of caliban green as it has less than great coverage, but apart from that all was done in a single coat.

  2. empecee

    Thats the problem with DA sucession chapters, not enough information about colour schemes. I’ve gone with the guardians of the covenant and have decided to paint all infantry in siver with black and red trim, while making all vehiclies black ith Grey and red trim.

    Your models look fantastic.

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