Sarmatian Horse Archers and a Quick Glance Backwards

I said I’d try and be more productive again this week, and despite a few setbacks: here are the results! I worked on these from Monday afternoon until Thursday noon, which is quite speedy (by my standards) for a small unit such as these. Let’s take a look.

These are pewter models by Warlord Games.

These are pewter models by Warlord Games.

I vowed not to purchase any more models from April to October of this year, but these Sarmatians were part of an order that I placed in May – goodbye credibility! Because of this, I’m pushing myself to complete these models first before moving on to older purchases.  Despite these additional purchases my plan for these Dacians & Sarmatians still consists of collecting them piecemeal and only adding to the army once I’ve painted the previous batch.

There's just three sculpts, both for the horses and for the riders.

There’s just three sculpts, both for the horses and for the riders.

It will come as no surprise to you readers that I used the same paint scheme as with the Cataphracts. However, because the horse archers lack the ubiquitous armour of their ultra-heavy cousins, I undercoated them white instead of black. I’m not 100% satisfied with my choice, however, as these models have some very deeply moulded details which are hard to reach with a brush; not a problem with black undercoats, but a pain to correct with white undercoats.

Five different tones were used for the horses' faxes.

Five different tones were used for the horses’ faxes.

Still, once everything was basecoated, I had a great time with highlighting these models. Mixing and matching the different colours for the riders – lilac, red, orange, teal, violet – so that they look unified without a uniform was an enjoyable challenge. I have six more of these lying around and they will probably get some attention soonish.

As an aside to all this painting work, I decided to take stock and to do a quick headcount of all the models I have painted so far this year. There are plenty of models in there that were painted in January and February, before I started the blog, and I might be forgetting a few, but here it goes:

Commissions and gifts:
– French Hired Help: 6 infantry
– French Cuirassiers: 12 cavalry
– French Dragoons: 12 cavalry
– French brigade general: 1 cavalry
– Jomsviking warband: 33 infantry
– Flemish Mercenary unit: 8 infantry
– Napoleon: 1 infantry
– 17th century nobleman: 1 infantry

Total: 49 infantry, 25 cavalry

Personal collection:
– Arab warband: 39 infantry, 8 cavalry
– Gripping Beast Viking levies: 12 infantry
– Old Glory Viking Hirdmen: 12 infantry
– Old Glory Viking Bondi with bows: 16 infantry
– Old Glory Viking Berserkers: 12 infantry
– Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen: 20 infantry
– Sarmatian Cataphracts: 8 cavalry
– Sarmatian Horse Archers: 6 cavalry
– Decebalus and Shaman: 2 infantry
– 4 Dutch Pikemen: 4 infantry
– French 6-pdr cannons: 6 infantry, 2 warmachines
– Space Orks: 2 infantry
– Space Marine Terminators: 4 infantry
– Space Marine Tacticals: 10 infantry
– Space Marine Darkshroud: 1 warmachine

Total: 139 infantry, 22 cavalry, 3 warmachines


Which makes for a grand total of 238 models! By the end of this month, the middle of the year, I should hit the 250 model mark. I’ve purchased between 450 and 500 models this year, so I believe I’m well on the way to having a roughly equal number of models painted by the end of the year. And although this calculation does include commission work which isn’t derived from my ‘pewter-and-plastic backlog mountain’ I do get the impression that I won’t end up with an attic full of half-finished projects… just yet.

Enough banter for today – on to more painting! The Berserkers are nearly finished, and I have no idea yet of what I’ll do next week. A wealth of possibility!



  1. Mark Pritchard

    Nice work on your Flemish infantry, I like how you’ve used both Fireforge & Conquest Games together in this unit, I’m currently working on my Saga Normans at the moment, I’ve got my crossbow armed Warrior unit ready for painting, my Warlord is ready also. My first unit of Hearthguards is under construction as is my other Warrior unit, I’m thinking of buying Mirliton’s Norman archers for my twelve man Levy unit, once I’ve finally got some figures painted I’ll be posting them up on the Conquest Games forum.

    • laurensvannijvel

      Hey Mark,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’ll be looking into playing these Flemish as plenty of different warbands – not just as Anglo-Danes but also as Normans and Franks. I’m not sure which bow models I’ll be going with, but those of Black Tree Design are fairly cheap. Haven’t looked at the Mirlitons yet, though. I’m looking forward to seeing your work on the forum!

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