Warhammer Bloodletters of Khorne

As promised, here is the second segment of my synopsis of the past week’s work. Ten infantry and six cavalry in a week means the painted model counter is nearing the 300 mark. I might even reach it at the end of this month, although I do have a ten-day vacation to Slovenia coming up which means I won’t be painting for about a third of July. We’ll see how that goes – let’s return to the topic at hand:

Plastic models by Games Workshop

Plastic models by Games Workshop

These fellows have been lying around in the back of my car since my birthday (16 February) which means they’ve had to wait half a year to get even the slightest bit of attention – even acknowledgement – from me. The reason for this is, of course, that I’ve since been dragged into many different historical projects, and my Warhammer stuff has remained largely untouched. Still, I wanted to do something non-human for a change, and for that purpose I decided to build and paint these guys.

As you can see, ranking them up is quite tricky.

As you can see, ranking them up is quite tricky.

These models are a fairly new GW kit, and as far as options go I’m a bit disappointed with them. GW used to cram lots of bits and bobs into the kit to personalise the models or to convert other models, but apart from choosing between command options or regular swords you have not a single extra part in this kit. Ten bodies, ten heads, ten faces, ten swords. Quite a shame, as I was thinking of using the spare parts together with Chaos Warriors to kitbash some Forsaken. The arms also go onto the bodies in just one way, so while the poses are rather varied, you can’t be creative with them.

Great lighting, Laurens, excellent...

Great lighting, Laurens, excellent…

I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time on these guys, so I built them in an hour and then painted them on Friday in a single day. Most of the time was spent waiting for the washes to dry – the orange was painted macharius solar orange and washed agrax earthshade then carroburg crimson, and the silver was painted runefang steel washed with Vallejo smoky ink and drakenhof nightshade. I’m not completely sold on the red swords, they were painted blood red, washed agrax earthshade and carroburg crimson as well, and then edge highlighted with blood red again. The contrast isn’t superb, so I think I’m going to look for a bright orange tone and do an extra highlight.

These are the only Daemon models in my possession at the moment, and I’m going to keep it that way for a bit. They were the flavour-of-the-month army recently so I might be able to get some second-hand deals in the near future, but I’ll not actively look for them – too many other exciting historical projects to consider!

As for next week: a couple more Napoleonics, with Maréchal Ney’s aides-de-camp, Heymes and Levavasseur, in the pipeline. And a scenery item, too!

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