Viking Bondi

It’s apparently time for yet another Viking-themed blog update – I just felt an itch that needed scratching last week as it had been a while since I’d painted any Dark Ages material! I guess it also stems from the fact that I’ve been painting batches of more or less uniformly attired warriors lately, which can get boring after a while. So here we are with some more Viking Bondi:

Getting the pattern on the leftmost warrior's shield to line up was difficult.

Getting the pattern on the leftmost warrior’s shield to line up was difficult.

These models are actually part of a Gripping Beast Anglo-Saxon starter warband for Saga, which I received in return for painting those WSS generals. Since they’re not at all dissimilar from their Viking enemies, I’ve drafted them into my existing force. If anyone should complain about the occasional lack of a beard on a model or a typically Saxon piece of equipment, I can always present them as Northumbrian or East Anglian client warriors or the like. I need plenty more unarmoured models in my army anyway as currently there is a rather unrealistic preponderance of Hirdmen in my painted collection.

The rightmost model has been affectionately dubbed 'the Neanderthal'.

The rightmost model has been affectionately dubbed ‘the Neanderthal’.

Painting wise, I chose to work over a white undercoat – which is only logical given the bright colours and lack of metal parts on these models. I used a number of the edge paints GW produces to get a very light shade onto the clothing, then washed these areas once or twice with different GW shades to darken them. In some cases I subsequently added highlights to remove overly blotchy shading. The shield designs were – again – copied from some of the Little Big Men transfer sheets, apart from the simple halved or quartered designs of course.

So there you go. Another eight Bondi have been built, and they should be getting their paintjobs before I’m off to Spain (just two weeks from now!). These two batches when combined will allow me to field another unit of them in Hail Caesar, a game I’m rather keen to try out again soonish. For now, however, some more Sarmatians!


  1. Henk

    Spain eh? Plenty of time then to get some inspiration for El Cid and Moors. 😉 And as always lovely painted figures.

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