More Sarmatian Cataphracts and More Good To Come

I wish I could offer you guys a more ambitious or interesting subject to write about in this, my 50th update on this little blog. But alas – I just have this little Sarmatian Cataphract update. However, I’ve added a poll to this update, allowing you to choose which type of blog update you’d like me to reward you with upon my return from Spain. The possibilities are rather diverse as I have a number of different ideas I’d like to grace the blog with. So let me know!

Now, on to the models!

Four more Sarmatian Cataphracts by Warlord Games.

Four more Sarmatian Cataphracts by Warlord Games.

These four blokes were, again, a pain to assemble. Despite the actual qualities of the models I really don’t like the casting finish – lots of flash, imperfectly aligned mold halves etc, and what’s more, the torso’s ball socket is too big for the receiving end on the hips. Some greenstuff had to be used to fix some major gaps along those joins. Nevertheless, once finally assembled, painting went fairly well.

The entire unit, ready for some legionary shishkebabs.

The entire unit, ready for some legionary shishkebabs.

I’ve already explained how I painted the other eight cataphracts, so I won’t reiterate here. They’re based in order to form either a back rank or another two files, the latter being shown here in these pictures. I think the unit looks way better at this size, with the ratio of command models to troopers being a lot more favourable.

That wraps it up for now! As I have mentioned a few times I’ll be away to Spain until the third week of September, so there’ll be no more updates until then – but when I’m back you’ll be getting updates on some more WSS generals, Vikings and a hell of a lot of Dacians (I’ll be taking two Dacian warbands with me). With the models above painted up, I’ll be coming close to the 400 painted models mark… exciting stuff.

More when I’m back! Stay safe in the meantime!

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