Chaos Lord of Nurgle – for sale!

Hot on the heels of those Austrian generals is something completely different: a Warhammer model. It’s the first Warhammer model I’ve painted since those Bloodletters months ago, and even they were a small a drop in a vast sea of historical figure painting output. Nevertheless, here we are. Remember that guest contribution in August? I was so impressed by my buddy Pieter-Jan’s paintjob of this figure that I just had to go and buy one for myself. Let’s take a look!

The only converting I did was to remove the holes in the helmet with some greenstuff.

The only converting I did was to remove the holes in the helmet with some greenstuff. He’s got a big eye in his gut, after all!


I’m quite pleased with having done so; putting paint to this model was great fun. It’s defined several major areas with vastly different texture – skin that has both raised and sunken detail, segmented armour but with large flat plates, some tattered cloth, chainmail… A suitable canvas for a painter desiring a challenge!


You can see the skin highlights a little better in this one.

You can see the skin highlights a little better in this one.


How did I paint it? I’m happy to say I gained a lot of practical knowledge from this model. I started off with a white basecoat which was a bit more heavily applied from the top than from the bottom, as a sort of zenithal highlight to the grey plastic. I then painted much of the skin areas first, with a basecoat of flayed one flesh followed by thin washes of athonian camoshade and agrax earthshade. Then some highlights: the base colour followed by pure white, in a feathered manner. The gut and other skin abrasions were then washed carefully with thin consecutive washes of druchii violet, reikland fleshshade, carroburg crimson, seraphim sepia until I was satisfied. And then some biel-tan green washes just to gorify everything (of course).


Many bits on this model made my girlfriend cringe. Success!

Many bits on this model made my girlfriend cringe. Success!


The part of the model which I’m most satisfied with is the metallic areas. These were basecoated runefang steel and then washed consecutively with nuln oil, agrax earthshade, biel-tan green and drakenhof nightshade. A dark patina was created by these washes leaving just a hint of metallics underneath and on the edges. I then dug in with pure runefang steel and streaked, blotched and feathered a heavy layer of weathering which doubles as a highlight; you’ll probably understand this took quite some time.

Lighting's a little better in this one.

Lighting’s a little better in this one.


I more or less secretly wanted to paint this model up to see if I could outdo Pieter-Jan’s stellar version of him. Along the way that goal was totally side-tracked as I strayed ever further from the ‘classic’ GW colour scheme which Pieter-Jan somewhat adhered to (At least I think he did). In the end, I think we both delivered great paintjobs (I hope my readers will agree on that) but took the model in distinctly separate directions with him.


For Sale!

As you will undoubtedly have gathered from the title of this blog post, I’m very much willing to sell this chap on. I don’t have a Nurgle army not will I ever collect one, so I’d be happy for another wargamer to push him around on the tabletop or grace a glass cabinet or what have you. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to make me an offer – contact me at laurensvannijvel at hotmail dot com. I’m not asking overly much for this model; twice the retail price plus any p&p costs that might be incurred. The model’s basing will also be finished according to preference.

If I can sell this chap on, you can expect some more of these features from me! As said I had a great time painting him, and I might do some of the other plastic characters GW has been releasing lately (not the resin ones, I’m not tired of life).


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