Eastern Vikings for a Friend

Moving on with the frequent blog updates, we have here today a first batch of Jomsviking/Pagan Rus models. These are reinforcements for a Jomsviking warband for Saga which I painted last year, just before I started the blog. The colour scheme of these models is the same as the rest of the warband, so no big surprises there. Let’s take a look.

Two excellent sculpts by Musketeer Miniatures, distributed by Gripping Beast.

Two excellent sculpts by Musketeer Miniatures, distributed by Gripping Beast.

First off we have the relatively new Pagan Rus warlord on the left, which I think is a fantastic model, and Jarl Sigvaldi of the Jomsvikings on the right. These models didn’t receive much more attention than the rest of the warband which might not have brought out the details in full, but the watchword for this paintjob is coherence – the rest of the warband got the same treatment.

The backs. Nothing special.

The backs. Nothing special.

The one thing I did add to them was a little freehand pattern on the hem of their cloaks. Again, I opted not to increase the palette for this, but stayed with black and white.


Three Jomsvikings, also by Gripping Beast.

Three Jomsvikings, also by Gripping Beast.

In Saga, Jarl Sigvaldi forms a unit with these three chaps. Alternatively, I guess they can perform as hearthguard models. In any case, they got the same treatment as the two head honchos. Black undercoat, runefang steel drybrush, then basecoats with a wash, then details.

There you go, another Viking update. Do tell me if it gets boring! You’ll be getting at least two more updates from me this week, after that I’m going back to work again (no more recuperating!) so updates will most likely be weekly again. I’ll certainly be writing down my impressions of Crisis 2013, look for it on Sunday!


    • laurensvannijvel

      Thanks! The guy I’m painting them for decided upon much of the colour scheme. If it were up to me I’d have used some blue or green to offset the rest, but that’s not for me to decide!

  1. Monty

    These are lovely! I do like the patterns on the cloaks and the tight palette. I also really like the effect you’ve got with the cream color and wash. Is that a sephia wash? It works nicely.

    I have a friend who says he wants to paint Pagan Rus for Saga this winter. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to buy and paint them too!

    • laurensvannijvel

      A sepia wash over krieg khaki or white for the cream tunics and shields respectively. The orange and red have been washed with athonian camoshade, a dark olive green type of wash which desaturates those colours immensely.

      The models are just fantastic, and you can use them as both Pagan Rus and Jomsvikings in Saga. So there’s no reason why you and your friend shouldn’t both collect the same models, as long as you paint them differently and use different battleboards.

      • Monty

        Thanks, this is very helpful. I have quite a lot of washes but I’ve never thrown a dark green over red and orange. I have to make a note and try this! I like your suggestion…maybe if I used these figs as Jomsvikings, there’d be no hurt feelings about me painting over someone’s warband.

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