Monster Update part one: Ashigaru for a Friend

Yet again this blog has undergone a hiatus of inactivity. Too bad! The reasons were many, but chiefly it’s down to my girlfriend’s excellent digital reflex camera having some less-than-excellent issues. The lens somehow refused to focus which made the camera itself refuse to actually take pictures, all of which means it’s now off to Nikon for repairs and should be back in about three weeks. Oh well! In the meantime I’ll be using my mother’s iPad again, and as I’ve been using Picasa to some effect, the pictures are actually turning out okay.

I’ve got a long weekend going at the moment, so I’ve finally got some time to take pictures in daylight – I never imagined the shortening days having such a detrimental effect on my blog output! Nevertheless, my brushwork hasn’t stopped in the meantime, so you’ll get a smattering of updates today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to photograph the last batch of Jomsvikings and the female ranger model I’ve commission painted for my friend Kurt, so the models that will follow here have been painted from Sunday 3rd until Sunday 10th of November.

Two teppo- and two yari-armed ashigaru by Perry Miniatures.

Two teppo- and two yari-armed ashigaru by Perry Miniatures.

With the release of the Ronin ruleset by Osprey Publishing, I’ve finally been given an excuse to delve into Sengoku Jidai wargaming and miniatures collecting – and so have others. These are commission pieces for my friend Henk, and are basically test models for a rather large warband he’ll end up having when I’m done – eighteen ashigaru and then some foot and mounted samurai. I guess he’ll have a great choice of models when picking his Ronin warband.

Four more ashigaru with teppo.

Four more ashigaru with teppo.

As with many test models, I undercoated these white and washed with seraphim sepia all over them, although a small exception was to first basecoat the skin with tau ochre before applying the wash. The cloth areas were then basecoated adeptus battlegrey before a nuln oil wash was applied to the entire model bar the skin. Then it was on to highlighting – bleached bone on the skin, ceramite white on the armour, dawnstone on the cloth. Some red was added to the colour scheme as a spot colour in minor areas, and leather, wood and metal were done in my habitual fashion. Voilà!

Jap-wise (sorry) there are ten more ashigaru on the painting table for Henk, followed by six katana-wielding samurai. Then, of course, there’s also my own warband: twelve sohei warrior monks. No idea when they’ll be up for duty…

There you go! Part two shall follow hot on the heels of this post!


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