Dutch Pike Company

Hello and welcome back to the blog for another update! I trust you’ve all recovered from the Monster Update feature. It was a huge success for the blog – I broke my views-per-day record with a mighty 154 views, which is really good for a non-advertised blog of this sort. I guess you have to be a young girl talking about fashion to get to the 5.000 view per day I hear people talk about from time to time. As my sole interest in fashion consists of the clothing and armour of my miniatures, such follies are beyond me!

This rant aside: it’s time for another batch of models: the pikemen of my first (and currently only) Dutch battalion. These were actually completed a few weeks ago, but kind of fell off the grid for a while. But here they are.

A mix of plastic and metal models by Warlord Games.

A mix of plastic and metal models by Warlord Games.

These were actually assembled and undercoated quite a long time ago, but unfortunately I had a case of bad undercoat spray conditions. As a result, I had to strip the metal models in the command group, and some of the plastic ones were left with a bit of a gritty surface effect.

The kit allows for some posability, but not as much as I would've liked.

The kit allows for some posability, but not as much as I would’ve liked.

So I let these models lie around untouched for a while before I finally gathered my courage and put paint to them. I rushed some of the stages of the models as I found out I quickly tired of them; especially the lack of detail on the plastic parts affected by the undercoat spray were very difficult to get right. Still, I tried to incorporate some variety in the models which you can see in the second picture: those trousers!

Pointy death.

Pointy death.

I’m really glad to be done with this pike block, and the second shooting company might rear their (painted) heads before the year is out. Of course, there’s also the second batch of cavalry that needs to be done for this army. When these are done I’ll probably put the project on hold; depending on commission work I might be acquiring a further box or two of plastics, but I’d rather focus on my bigger projects in 2014.

Apart from that: more ashigaru inbound, as well as some British Airborne. I’m especially proud of the latter. Check back soon!


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