Flemish Commanders

At long last my girlfriend’s camera is back from repairs and I can take better photographs again! Now if only the sun would shine a just a bit harder… Oh well, I’ll have to make do. In other news it’s been a quiet week, with some batch painting spread over a few different projects. Nothing finished to show you at the moment, apart from these here Flemings. Let’s see how they turned out!

Three excellent sculpts by Perry Miniatures.

Three excellent sculpts by Perry Miniatures.

I picked up these three fellows at Crisis 2013 and obviously I couldn’t wait to put paint to them. From left to right we have Godfrey of Bouillon, Raymond of Toulouse and Bohemond of Taranto; however, with my army being decidedly Flemish in nature, I likely won’t be using them as such. They’ll end up being a few generations of Baldwins, counts of Flandern, or Robrecht II who took part in the First Crusade and actually did a great job beating the Muslims at the battle of Dorylaeum. Raymond, who is the most active looking of the three, will probably command a unit of knights.

Matte spray varnish, you say?

Matte spray varnish, you say?

I painted them up as I would any model in this force, with of course plenty of washes. Just one minor divergence was allowed in applying a final highlight on the faces with flayed one flesh, just to bring out the character on their faces a bit more. Although I am very pleased with my work on these models, especially given that they were completed in a single day, I’m positively chuffed by the results of the spray varnish I applied. It’s from an old GW can I had lying around, and while the previous models came out well, these three Flemings turned out super shiny. Oh well, at least they look well-protected from wargaming wear-and-tear!

2013 runs to an end, and so these will probably be the last Flemings to appear on the blog this year. As I said in my State of the Union-esque blog post earlier this week, there will be greater focus on this force from next year on. For now, you can expect the final batch of Japs for a Friend, some more Red Devils, and… a certain Napoleonic personality has also galloped onto my painting desk. Stay tuned, dear readers!

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