Sohei with Teppo

Been a while since I last updated the blog – lots has been happening and I’ve been struggling to find the time to photograph models. I’ve painted up a goodly 63 models since the end of November so I guess this has been my most productive month to date – but much of these models have been commission pieces and have already been handed over to their respective owners. Models for Ronin featured heavily among them – and I’ve found time to start work on my own warband.

Models by Perry Miniatures.

Models by Perry Miniatures.

These six monks with teppo are the first to receive a paintjob; I have six more with naginata ready to receive their undercoat. Fine models, these. I chose to start off with a white undercoat, after which the skin colours were basecoated deathclaw brown. A sepia wash was then applied to the entire model. The robes I washed again with casandora yellow and then highlighted up, first with yriel yellow and finally with dorn yellow (edge paint). I still struggle immensely with yellow, and a trained eye will see some flaws on these models.

Six teppo are a little overkill for Ronin, but that's how they're packaged!

Six teppo are a little overkill for Ronin, but that’s how they’re packaged!

Apart from this, the rest of the techniques and processes used were standard fare. I did freehand a bit, as you can see in the first picture (the right model’s trousers) and the second (middle model’s robes). I might put a little more work into them, but I’ll paint up the other monks first and then see what’s adequate. Their bases will also be finished in one go.

That’s it for now, folks! I’ll try and get some more photographs of recent work, but with all the family stuff coming up around Christmas and New Year that could prove tricky. In any case, there are more Sarmatians and a scenery project inbound. Until then, and season’s greetings!

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