5th New York Zouaves

I said I wasn’t going to start any new projects in 2014, but that’s before the guys I frequently paint models for started to recompense me with leftover boxes of Perry Miniatures ACW.  Just one and a half boxes for now; the contents of the one box is what we’ll be looking at today. Being a brand new project I wanted to get these out of the way as soon as possible, in order not to be distracted from my many other armies. Speedpainting isn’t exactly my kind of thing, but this unit is the closest I’ve ever come to it. Let’s take a gander!

Plastics by Perry Miniatures.

Plastics by Perry Miniatures.

I painted these guys in two batches of twenty models – it’s been a long time since I’ve painted this many in one go. The models were undercoated with my mephiston red spray – really handy, this one – then drybrushed with wild rider red, before caledor sky was applied to all blue areas. Then, the models were washed all over with druchii violet. Simple!


A massive block, this one.

A massive block, this one.

After that, all black areas were basecoated adeptus battlegrey then shaded with nuln oil – a really easy way of doing black – and the wood bits, straps and yellow parts were basecoated in xv-88, rakarth flesh and averland sunset respectively before receiving an agrax earthshade wash. The skin was even easier – I just applied stark highlights with kislev flesh, not even bothering with an undercoat. Super easy and enough for tabletop quality!

That’s it for now! I have one zouave left in my box which might be the subject of a painting tutorial in the future, but for now I’m off to give other units in my backlog some love. ACW-wise I have eight cavalrymen left which I might be doing up soonish, so stay tuned!


    • laurensvannijvel

      It’s very difficult to say how long they took me as I paint throughout the whole day in several small sessions. Not counting basing or drying times though, I think they took me about six or seven hours.

      • daggerandbrush

        An impressive time for so many models nevertheless. Surely something I keep in mind to get faster on my 15mm guys. Using spray instead of painting all of it might provide good results.

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