Régiment de Dragons du Dauphin

Sometimes you just have to clench your teeth and paint on despite a healthy dislike of the model(s) on your desk – I’m sure all of you miniature painters reading this will be able to relate. For me, the models below were quite a chore to get done. New problems kept cropping up during painting, which made me throw down my brushes and wander off more than once. Still, they’re done and ready to be shown.

Models by Foundry - just one sculpt for the troopers makes for tedious painting.

Models by Foundry – just one sculpt for the troopers makes for tedious painting.

As you can witness from the (temporary) bases, I used my new Army Painter undercoat sprays on the horses – fur brown, desert yellow and leather brown – and white and black too, obviously. Not having to basecoat them by hand saves a bit of time – I just slapped on an agrax earthshade wash and then highlighted them with deathclaw brown, zandri dust and gorthor brown respectively. Same for the riders: a guilliman blue undercoat sped them up as well.



I took the time to add some woodgrain to their carbines.

From then on, it was supposed to be straightforward, but the models somehow didn’t react favourably to my brush strokes. It’s hard to explain, but I kept on making mistakes, accidentally painting over previous work or forgetting to paint certain bits. Still, I’m glad they turned out well. They’ll look better once the owner rebases them on 25x50mm format bases – these are just temporary – and adds the correct flag.

With this unit finished, the War of the Spanish Succession output will be placed on hold for the time being – I’ve too much of my own lead-and-plastic pile that requires my attention, plus some Gripping Beast crusaders for another friend. But keep your eyes peeled, because this evening I’ll put another blog post up!

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