Catalan WSS units… in 6mm!

Welcome friends, to another small blog post! I’ve been out of the loop for quite a bit – a new job, my computer crashed, and otherwise just a lack of time and interest.  I’m currently at home with a throat infection, so huzzah! Or not really. Still, here’s some work I got done yesterday:


Models by Baccus.

Models by Baccus.

Yes, as you’ve gathered from the title, these are 6mm models. I thought I’d mix things up a bit and not continue painting 28mm models, so I thought these would provide enough variety. They’re also a great way to get some armies where massed units look especially nice, such as WSS (the bicornes do a lot) and the French-Prussian war of 1870 which I’d like to collect some day. The beginnings of this WSS force were kindly supplied by my friend Alex, as he himself has a massive army for the period already and still has some surplus items around.

The bases are not completely done yet - I'd like to add some tufts, but of what size?

The bases are not completely done yet – I’d like to add some tufts, but of what size?

I pondered upon the allegiance of my force, and decided to go with Catalans. They were a collection of several regiments which were aloof from both the French and the Spanish, and with their eternal struggle for independence from the latter I’d say they make for an interesting force. I was greatly helped by the Desperta Ferro! blog, check them out at

As for painting, I basecoated both these regiments with mournfang brown (the new brown spray from GW). For the infantry I drybrushed various yellows and for the cavalry just white, after which I added just a couple of block painted colours to the small details of these already small models. A special mention goes to the tricornes which I edged white – I think this is the one item people will focus on immediately, and so it pays dividends to get the hats right!

On the whole I really enjoyed painting these, and am certainly going to take on some of Alex’ surplus 6mm lead for my own purposes. I’m aiming at getting two or three infantry brigades, a dragoon brigade and assorted commanders and artillery. The question, though, is when.

At any rate, thanks for checking this nigh-disused blog once more, and I promise I won’t take another month-and-a-half to update it again! I’ve a fifth French battalion about three-quarters along the way, and they should be ready by next weekend. Adieu!


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