Dutch WSS Cavalry for a Friend

Another WSS commission trundled off the workbench last week, in the form of a Dutch cavalry regiment. While I wouldn’t collect WSS myself in 28mm, the models are certainly a change of pace from Napoleonics – no white crossbelts, well-documented uniforms and some snappy lace to spice things up (which is what lace tends to do on a woman). In return for a batch of  6mm WSS I’ve painted up this unit here.

Models by Ebor (I think)

Models by Ebor (I think)

Alex gave me a uniform description and the models, and off I went! As you can see I used several primers on the horses – Alex wanted them all brown but I couldn’t resist going with different hues. The riders were undercoated black then drybrushed with several greys.


The bases and flags will be added by the commissionaire.

The bases and flags will be added by the commissionaire.

I have to say I’m not impressed with these sculpts. Paul Hicks is probably in my top five of the best sculptors alive, but these are below par. The horses’ heads are too big, for one, and the riders are very squat looking, almost comically so. To make matters worse, the casts themselves were flawed: one rider is actually missing a right foot!

Still, that’s them done. Just the Prussian commission now… But first, some reinforcements for my Dacians!



  1. daggerandbrush

    I think, the sculpts aside, you did an excellent job with these miniatures. Love the markings on the horses and the contrast an richness of colours (that is, while it is mostly grey, black or white, the minis pop :)).

    I see what you mean. They look a bit like 15mm miniatures. Which is all right, but in 28mm (comparing them to say Minden miniatures) it seems indeed a bit oldschool.

    • laurensvannijvel

      Hello there mister Hicks, and thank you very much for gracing my blog with your attention. The news you bring comes as no surprise – the disparity between these cavalry and your own work was too obvious already. I’ll make sure to edit this blog post in due course. Sorry for the mix up!

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