Jarl Rognvald

It’s been ages since I’ve painted a Viking, so I thought I’d better do one before the year is out. Not just any random northman though… Warlord Games produce exactly one Dark Age model and it’s ace.

Model by Warlord Games.

Model by Warlord Games.

Of course, a good model can always be improved upon, so I swapped out the shield for a plastic one from Gripping Beast and added some arrows pilfered from a GW Skeleton Warrior set. Holes were drilled into the shield to receive the arrows, and I also took a few chunks out of the shield rim with a hobby knife. I think these modifications add to the ferocity of the model.

A better look at the shield.

A better look at the shield.

For the paintjob I worked from a black undercoat which was first drybrushed necron compound to bring out all the detail and get the chainmail squared away immediately. Some basecoat colours were immediately added: elysian green, zamesi desert and waaagh flesh for the tunic, trousers and cloak respectively.

Of course, more freehanding had to be done.

Of course, more freehanding had to be done.

Then the washes, of course. I used some Army Painter washes for the first time, soft tone and dark tone, and I’m mildly pleased with the outcome. The former won’t replace seraphim sepia as the tone is simply not rich enough for my tastes, but the latter sits somewhere inbetween agrax earthshade and nuln oil which complements my existing brace of washes well enough.

The rest of the model was done as you’d expect me to. I chose a red shield to contrast with the greens on the model itself, and freehanded a raven and a rune to show his allegiance to both Odin and Thor – because why bet on a single horse, right?

So there, that’s one more warlord for my burgeoning Viking army. I really need to double down and get some more lads painted up, but that’s for the new year.

That’s it for now! I’ll be having another piece up tomorrow in which I’ll feature a very small new project. Other than that: more Prussians on the desk, as well as some final (I hope) crusader commission models. Until next time!



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