First publication for Warlord Games’ newsletter!

In case you readers hadn’t noticed yet – or if you aren’t subscribed to it – an article of mine was published in today’s Warlord Games newsletter. So here’s a link to my first contribution – hope you like it!

Originally I wrote the article with a focus on the Perry Miniatures model of Ney, but some friendly chaps at Warlord sent me a free blister of their Ney and the accompanying French Brigadier – now there’s a nice gesture! They’ve also supplied me with a nice voucher which I’ve used to order up some extra goodies. I’m waiting on those final models to come in before I do a roundup of next year’s activities.

By the by, I’m already at work on the next article for Warlord. If it’s good enough to be accepted, great! If it isn’t, then I’ll post it up here anyway. Anyway, thanks for the clicks, and until next time!



  1. daggerandbrush

    A very good article! Wellw ritten, good research and nice pictures to accompany it! I hope to read more of you in the future. Please let us know when your next article goes up!

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