More Gladiators

I’m really itching to play my first game of Jugula so I’ve proceeded to paint the second ludus for my collection. I don’t have too much to say about them, so I’ll let the pictures do (most of) the talking.


Two Crusader Miniatures models, and two Wargames Foundry models.

Two Crusader Miniatures models, and two Wargames Foundry models.

From the left we have Pontius the Roman, Hanno the Numidian, Oengus the Celt and Albus the Nubian. Two Africans to get the multiculturality of the Roman Empire across.


I like the highlights I've managed on their loincloths.

I like the highlights I’ve managed on their loincloths.

As I said in my previous blog post, I’ve too many secutores and retiarii so I’ve included one of each in this ludus. The other two are Wargames Foundry models from another blister I picked up at Crisis ’14 – a Murmillo and a Thraex.

Off to the gaming table now! I’ve got plenty more stuff on the desk in a rudimentary phase, so who knows what’s next. Tah!


  1. daggerandbrush

    Very nice offerings. Good to see that gladiatorial games are on the rise. Good contrast and variety of colours. The basing is simple, yet looks like arena. I also like the very tidy free hands on the bases. How did you get the letters so evenely sized? Will you built a matching arena?

    • laurensvannijvel

      The letters are born out of practice – I’ve done a full Viking warband with names on the base so these are not my first attempts.

      I take the middle letter of the word or name I’m going to paint and I paint it in the middle of the base, and then I add the other letters at either end. The letters aren’t always equally spaced, but I add the serifs at the end and they allow me to correct the height of the letters. It’s easier than it looks when you can cheat like that 😉

  2. Peter

    These look really nice, great use of shading and contrast and I agree brilliant free hand on bases. I have got a set of Gripping Beast Jugula figures to post up this week. Love the game, so simple but full of strategy.

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