Commission Painting Price List for 2015

With the new year comes a new price list for my commission painting.

Basic pricing scheme

  • 25mm to 30mm infantry, horses and other beasts: 2.5 euro per model
  • 25mm to 30mm cavalry, bikers or other composed models: 3.5 euro per model
  • 25mm to 30mm artillery: 3 euro per gun or limber, crew and draught horses as per infantry
  • 25mm to 30mm generals and other characters (centrepiece quality): 9 euro per model
  • 25mm to 30mm carriages, vehicles and the like: starting from 10 euro per model, contact me for a quote!
  • Any other scale, whether smaller or larger: contact me for a quote!

Additional charges

As well as these basic charges, extra costs are incurred for:

  • Assembly: 0.5 euro per model
  • Bases not supplied with model: 1 euro per model (generally mdf, sometimes plastic, I’ll use appropriate bases)
  • Basic basing: 0.5 euro per model (painted sand and static grass)
  • Advanced basing: 1 euro per model (as above but also tufts etc. as per your requests)
  • Extraordinary techniques to be used: 1 euro per model (these include techniques such as applying decals, flags, freehanding heraldry, painting the eyes of every Tommy Atkins in the army, etc. – feel free to inquire what would or would not fall into this category)

How does it work?

First of all, to obtain a quote from me, feel free to contact me at I might not reply immediately, but you’ll generally receive a response within the week. We’ll discuss the nature of the commission and its details and sort something out. Bear in mind that I might already be swamped in work for several weeks; if you’re hard pressed for time then you’d be better off at a bigger painting studio! If you have patience, you’ll be placed into my schedule based on the date at which I receive your models from you. You’ll be paying for the postage fares of your models. I’ll paint up a test model or two, send you pictures of it and comply with any alterations you’d like me to make to the scheme and technique. Once completely painted up I’ll again take pictures and await your approval. Finally, upon having received payment for my services I will send you back the models.

Additional pointers:

  • I don’t offer bulk discounts: My prices are already well below that of other studios, so don’t bother asking!
  • Colour scheme and technique are fixed after the test models are approved: These are things I can’t change anymore at the end of a commission, so your approval of the test models is truly important!
  • Pack your models well: I don’t have foam trays in which to send the painted models back to you, so it’s best if you send them along with the unpainted models. I also won’t commence work on a box full of broken miniatures – if there’s any hope of fixing them I’ll glue them back together (at which point I’ll charge you for it as listed above) but if they are beyond that point I’ll simply send the models back to you. You’ll have to take my word for it!
  • I don’t paint anything and everything: I’m somewhat delicate in my painting tastes, and you’ll have to forgive me if I turn down a commission because of a lack of interest in the models on my part. There’s no point in me painting your miniatures if I’d find it a chore, because trust me, your models won’t end up looking decent. Please don’t take this personally.
  • Quality: Take a look at my various categories here on the blog and you’ll get an idea of what’s on offer. I won’t lower or increase the quality, as I have one set way of painting which has been doing me favours for years. Hopefully they’ll meet your expectations!


I look forward to hearing from you, and I wish you a happy 2015!

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