Plastic M4 Sherman from Warlord Games/Italeri

You know what I did when I first heard I was hired at my current company, back in the summer? I went out, walked around the block and popped into a modelling hobby shop where, lo and behold, some of the new plastic 1/56 scale vehicles from Italeri were present. I got a Sherman in an interesting package: 18 euro for the vehicle and a basic brush, a small pot of plastic glue and a small pot of paint. Warlord Games’ product is a bit more expensive and it doesn’t come with the extras, but I guess they do invest your extra cash into their rulesets and the like. To each his own!

I went with a Sherman since, well, the Cromwell wasn’t out yet. Still, there were Shermans in Market Garden which is what my Red Devils are meant for. An important disclaimer here: I haven’t done my research properly, and both the type of Sherman and the markings I applied while painting will likely be completely wrong. However, I’m a painter first, gamer second, and historical idiot savant ninth, so I really don’t care about having 100% accurate paintjobs – I paint for fun.

With that said, let’s take a look!

A nifty plastic kit by Warlord Games and Italeri.

A nifty plastic kit by Warlord Games and Italeri.

Assembling the kit was straightforward and a lot of fun. This is the second plastic vehicle of this kind of kit I’ve constructed, after last year’s Hanomag. Plastic moulding has come a long way, and you no longer need to have a 200-piece kit to have good detail. Still, I would’ve liked to have some separate bits of stowage to personalise the tank; it’s not a big deal for stock Bolt Action games in which this would be the only Sherman to be fielded, but in Tank War matters are different.


I lifted the markings from a quick Google Image search. Yes - I'm that bad.

I lifted the markings from a quick Google Image search. Yes – I’m that bad.

I undercoated black and then basecoated with castellan green, which is probably a bit too dark of a green but, again, I don’t care too much about that. I applied edge highlighting with elysian green and then washed the entire tank with AP dark tone, taking care not to let the wash pool up too much. The tracks were then rebasecoated with black and a quick and dirty runefang steel drybrush was applied to it. The same metallic was used on the tools and cables on the hull, and the two machinegun barrels. A nuln oil wash served to tone everything down again.


A closeup of the mud.

A closeup of the mud.

Finally, I went to town on the track sections with armageddon dust (a beige texture paint) and typhus corrosion (a textured dark brown wash). The combination of the two products provide a really dirty finish. I also applied the latter wash to any exhausts, around viewports, the turret ring, and in random sections as a form of greasy residue.

I based the tank on a piece of plasticard which was based as with my Red Devils themselves, and voilà, finally a tank for my Brits!

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