More Arabs for a Friend

Just a quick update to push these guys off the painting desk and onto the blog. They’ve already been handed over to their owner.

All models by Gripping Beast.

All models by Gripping Beast.

First up we have four nobles, to be used as hearthguard. Exactly the same techniques as used on the bowmen, but I opted for black shields as they contrast well with the colourful robes, and no heraldry as the owner would like to use them as a hashashin-style warband.


Burn, babylon burn!

Burn, babylon burn!

And these guys shouldn’t go amiss in any warband of course. As usual, striped robes work well to break up the models and to make an otherwise scattered colour palette somewhat palatable again.

That’s it for today – I might finally take a picture of the new Landwehr this weekend, time permitting. Next to be painted are four hashashin, a warlord and an imam. Aleikum salam!

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