Double Birthday Special

Well I’ve turned 29 today – almost but not quite the end of my life yet – and just like last year I thought I’d put up a much overdue blog update. I’ve lately been working on more Prussian and Arab commissioned units, and I’ve done so simultaneously with the former being handled at work during breaks and the latter at home. Not really the best way of finishing models quickly, granted, but the end result is what counts.

More of the plastics from Warlord Games.

More of the plastics from Warlord Games.

These Prussians are the first half of the third battalion for my friend Henk. I’ll be glad to be rid of these plastics as the paintjob is becoming stale quickly. Thankfully I’ve finally received some artillery to mix things up.


Turcoman cavalry from Gripping Beast

Turcoman cavalry from Gripping Beast.

Then there’s more of those colourful Arabs. Here I basecoated the horses AP fur brown and the riders white, which helped with sticking to the project’s washing techniques without running into trouble with the horses’ deep brown coat.


These models will be rebased onto oval-shaped mdf bases which I'll be receiving later.

These models will be rebased onto oval-shaped mdf bases which I’ll be receiving later.

I’ll be painting up an Arab warlord on a horse and one on a camel next for this army, and then some heavy Seljuk cavalry. Except for basing this mounted wing should be done by mid-March. Huzzah!

Up next: more Late Romans! At our gaming convention in Ghent on 14 March (Warcon) we’ll be recreating the battle of Chalôns, and my paltry number of painted units is entirely insufficient to withstand the Huns. I’m working on the general as I write these words, and I might crank out a unit of bowmen as well if time permits. More on that later – my mother’s finished cooking my favourite dish – steak tartare with fries and salad – and my stomach rumbles like the Persian drums at Gaugamela. Until next time!


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