Late Roman General

Vignettes are something I indulge in far too little, given the time and effort I devote to figure painting. Sure, I crank out plenty of models each month, but some aspects of my creativity are left underused in the process. Time, then, to redress the balance! I’ve really grown to like these Late Roman models – what’s not to like about them? – and I reckoned I’d award those comitatenses and limitanei with a suitable general.


All models by Gripping Beast.

All models by Gripping Beast.

There were no marked commanders in the bag of lead I took over from my wargaming compatriot Eddy, so I had a rifle through the different contents and found one among a scorpio crew. Ornate helmet? Check. Heroically draped cloak? Check. Pointing into the distance? Check! Also I found out there were musicians in among the set only after I’d put together the first two infantry units, so I decided to leave them be and to use these horn blowers as heralds for the general. He’s a very important chap, y’know.




I further decided to mark him out by giving him a lot more colour than the other models in the force. A cloak in imperial purple was a given, and a turquoise helmet plume seems to contrast excellently with all the gold on the models. No special treatment was given to his entourage.


Uncle Stilicho wants YOU!

Uncle Stilicho wants YOU!

I mounted him on a 60mm mdf base from so he can be used both in skirmishes and in battles like Chalôns – speaking of which, it’s less than a month from now! Crikey! I’d like to add at least one further unit to the army by that time, probably archers, but time permitting I’ll do some cataphracts as well. We’ll see.

Up next: Arabs and Dacian shamen.


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