Arab Characters for a Friend

As I just noticed, I typed this full Arab post but forgot to press the submit button. Great thinking there…  Anyway, not that there was much to say about these, apart from the fact that this is the first camel I’ve ever painted!


The one of the left is by Gripping Beast, the one on the right by Perry Miniatures.

The one of the left is by Gripping Beast, the one on the right by Perry Miniatures.

Both of these chaps were attached to their mounts, so I undercoated them white in their entirety. I figured the general could afford to own a white horse, so that came in handy!


Basing will be done later.

Basing will be done later.

One thing I particularly like is how the red headscarf on the camel rider turned out. It’s a succession of bloodletter, seraphim sepia and carroburg crimson over a white undercoat. Really simple and I like the depth it achieved. Overall I find these washes to be the best product GW makes, and I hope they won’t discontinue them anytime soon (they’re rather good at discontinuing useful products).

There’s a unit of heavy Arab cavalry I’ll be doing next for this commission, but they’ll probably be handled next month.


  1. redtrombone

    I’m not a wash-man so please excuse my ignorance (I’ve also taken the hobby back after so many years of abandonment). Is there any other range of washes that compares to Citadel, as per your experience? I’ve gone full Vallejo Game Colour for standard acrylics and have never been happier, but sometimes I miss using certain washes.

    I do like standarization so would hate to use a wash that’s replaced in a couple of years (the horror).

    BTW, those liveries are sick. Very nice job there.

    • laurensvannijvel

      Hi, and thanks for your praise. For washes I mostly use GW, although I’ve been trying out VGC and VMC recently as well as some Army Painter. I’ve found VGC’s black wash to be superior to GW’s equivalent, but otherwise GW does have a diverse range and it’s easy to come by without mailordering.

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