Late Roman Gothic Levy

I thought that, since my Viking army is already fairly extensive, I’d best find an alternate place for half a box of plastic Dark Age Warriors. With my Late Romans being in the spotlight, I thought I’d add some barbarians to their ranks.


Models by Gripping Beast, with Old Glory shields.

Models by Gripping Beast apart from one Wargames Factory chap, with Old Glory shields.

I built most of the models stock from the box, but I opted to use some Old Glory models’ shields which have no leather covers. They simply look more low-tech, especially when compared to those of their overlords’ scuta.


Quite a difference between the two.

Quite a difference between the two.

I chose to use a Late Roman to lead the unit. The way I see him, he’s an old veteran, having to lean onto his spear, and perhaps he wears a face plate so as not to show his age to his oft-unruly men.


Rather less colourful from the back.

Rather less colourful from the back.

Apart from the leader, I painted these models from a mournfang brown basecoat with drybrushes of several brown, ochres and beiges – I really didn’t want them to look uniform. Still, I did add a touch of green and white here and there to tie them in a bit. On the other hand, the shields have the same colours of those of their overlords, but applied in a variety of simple patterns or with no pattern at all.

And that’s that, now I’m really laying off the Late Romans for a while. Up next: Dreadball!


One comment

  1. Eng


    If you want to go even more low-tech paint the rims on the shields as leather rather then metal. Metal cost you know, and these peasants are not nearly enough important for such luxuries…

    Keep up the good painting.

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