More Arabs on Arabs. Stallions, that is.

These will be the last Arabs for now – I know the commissionaire has more cavalry lined up for me, but I’ll be having to take a short break from them so as not to make my painting work too repetitive. I hate repetition. Did I tell you how much I hate repetition? I do hate repetition, but I digress.


Anyway, here are eight Arab heavies.

Models by Gripping Beast

Models by Gripping Beast

Albeit these being much more armoured than the Turcomans who preceded them, I stuck to the same techniques. I really can’t tell you that much more about them, apart from the fact that I remembered how much I hate painting metallics over a white undercoat. I also must have had a temporary case of Citadelitis – an all-too common neurological disease among wargamers that causes complete lacunas of logic thought whilst assembling or painting models – for I glued shields to the arms of some models who already had a sculpted-on shield on their back. No brain cells were harmed during the making of this unit…


Patterns always work with these chaps.

Patterns always work with these chaps.

I’d really like to be supplied with the bases for these models so I can finish them, though. We haven’t seen our resident laser cutting genius in a while now, so we’re in a bit of a predicament!

Next up: I have no idea.

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