Sergeants of Saint John

With the weather finally improving over here in gloomy Flandern, I thought I’d try out my phone camera to photograph miniatures in daylight. Quite pleased with the results below, as well as with the paintjob.

Models by Fireforge Games.

Models by Fireforge Games.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything for my Hospitallers – some dismounted knights around the end of last year, but these probably won’t be seeing much use in my Saga games. I had built these plastic Sergeants by Fireforge Games quite a long time ago but somehow didn’t follow it up with a paintjob, but here we are. Fantastic sculpts, as you can see.

There are more different bodies and heads in the kit, but these I used for my Flemish.

There are more different bodies and heads in the kit, but these I used for my Flemish.

Painting-wise I thought long and hard on the colour scheme for the undergarments. We know that the lowly sergeants among the Hospitallers did not wear the traditional colours of the order, so I had free rein with the palette. Ultimately though, I decided to go with the same colours my Flemish have. It makes it so that I can unify the two armies at a stretch (although different in equipment) and I can certainly use their archers and crossbowmen for this force as well.

Although a long time in the making, these chaps have reinvigourated my medieval appetites; so I’ll definitely be tackling some more Flemish and/or Hospitallers in the near future. Flemish, most likely, as I do tend to go crazy if I paint too many Maltese crosses in one go…


  1. redtrombone

    Spot on with that colour scheme. Nicely executed. I’m saving this pic for reference (Now I realise maybe a watermark isn’t a bad idea for blog pics!)

    Isn’t it what they call the “wargamer curse” to end up with too uniform schemes? But in the end, it looks good.

  2. imperialrebelork

    Fantastic models and paint job. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance as I’ve only really just discovered Fireforge but are they the same scale as GW’s Men-At-Arms? I have just started building a Bretonnian Army, only to find out GW are discontinuing the line. I’m after more recruits and these look great. Are they hero scale? Thanks and keep up the good work man.

    • laurensvannijvel


      Thank you for your praise. I can confirm that these Fireforge models are a perfect match for Bretonnians, although they do look a lot more professional than the GW men-at-arms. One thing to note is that there are no polearms in the box, so you can only build them with spears or use counts-as. Another thing is that they have tabs attached to their feet which need to be cut down a bit if you want to fit them to 20x20mm bases.

      Check out their cavalry as well, as they are far superior to GW’s lego knights.

      • imperialrebelork

        Thanks for the quick reply mate. Thanks for the info too. It’s so hard to find models that match with GW. Maybe I need to start a whole new army just in Fireforge. Thanks again man.

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