Dwarf Team for Dreadball

These guys took me a lot more time than I’d thought, so I’ll be brief with them.


Three Guards

Three Guards

I made the mistake of undercoating these red in anticipation of a red-heavy palette and then switching to something entirely different afterwards, so that wasn’t a lot of fun – some coverage issues with the blue.


The letters on their backs will remind me when they're on the pitch

The letters on their backs will remind me when they’re on the pitch

The models do have some impressive detail for being plastics, but it’s a shame that there’s only three different sculpts in the box.


Three Jacks

Three Jacks

I think these might be the most colourful models I’ve done in a long while, and I think it suits them well.




From what I’ve gathered from various videos around the Interwebs, these Dwarfs are tough to shift but not so fast, and are hard to get back up on their feet once they’ve fallen. Sounds like a blast…


Two Strikers

Two Strikers

It’s not exactly flattering if you get a closeup of them, but that’s usually the case with my layer highlights.


Something tells me these aren't the nimblest strikers out there...

Something tells me these aren’t the nimblest strikers out there…

Still, that’s them done and I really can’t wait to have these guys hit the pitch. It looks to be great fun and a perfect game for our Thursday evening club nights. I just need to find a team name…

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