1e Régiment de Chasseurs-à-Cheval de Ligne

It’s been way too long – almost two years in fact, with the Lancers – since the last time I painted up some cavalry for my French, so with the bicentenary upon us soon I thought it high time to correct that matter! I picked up some Chasseurs-à-Cheval from Dave Thomas at Crisis ’14 which have been collecting dust since, but with Warlord Games now releasing their new plastics there was really no reason not to get going on these citoyens. En avant!


Models by Perry Miniatures.

Models by Perry Miniatures.

Apologies for this first picture which somehow came out blurry despite the best of my efforts (and those of my camera), but I think you’ll get the idea. These are wonderful models. They share the same horse sculpts with the chevau-légér lanciers from the same range, I just wish there’d be more than three sculpts (beside those of the officiers). As you can see I alleviated the clone problem by using four different horse colours.

I didn’t include an eagle bearer, so I converted that model into a sergeant (or brigadier, isn’t it?) in the back rank with a plastic musketoon taken from a plastic dragoon. Easy! The rest of the command blister were used as supplied, plus two elite company troopers and a blister of the regulars.


A trooper of the elite company with - naturally - a huge moustache.

A trooper of the elite company with – naturally – a huge moustache.

I made extensive use of colour primers – mournfang brown and zandri dust and black on the horses, and AP greenskin on the riders. Afterwards, some washes and highlights as per usual.


Ready for the field of battle.

Ready for the field of battle.

Now it’s a question of expanding upon this light cavalry section of the army; I need to find and paint up a suitable Comte Pire model, get some horse artillery ready, and more crucially I need one more regiment of Chasseurs and Lancers each!



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