Fallschirmjäger Command Models

Birthday presents are wonderful, especially when they’re so late in the year that you’re no longer expecting them. My buddy Flor came round to my new apartment to help me move house a few weeks back, and he dropped a small box on my table (my new table!) for me to open. Inside? A number of WW2 models courtesy of Black Tree Design! I’d never painted that company’s models before, so I went straight to it. Let’s take a look.


Models by Black Tree Design.

My first Black Tree models made a good impression on me. The castings were of great quality and I think they’d been newly cast up for the order. Almost no flash or mould lines to clean up either, and very crisp detail. Good stuff.

Plenty of potential for observers or spotters.

Plenty of potential for observers or spotters.

I really like painting these up, so much in fact that I’m of a mind to do a painting guide on them. So much so that I have some more in the mail – new plastics from Warlord and even some StuGs! In other news I’m finishing up some Red Devils as well – more Black Tree models.

Now to get started on the Frostgrave stuff!


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