Frankly, my dear, I don’t give Wodamn.

Hope you’ve all kept tabs on this blog here, because I thought I’d add something to it again. Way overdue! A lot of hobbying has gone on since last I posted something here: I’ve completed my Red Devils army and my Late Romans, a fact which I’m thrilled with (finished projects?!) as well as a small Konflikt ’47 U.S. army. In lesser news, I dropped my phone a few weeks ago and have had to make today’s pictures with another phone with a lesser camera.

So, here’s a little new project of sorts which I started at Crisis and have now completed: the Franks.

davThese are Wargames Foundry models, from back in the day when the Perry brothers sculpted most of their ranges. Even when you consider these were conceived when I was still learning how to spell my own name, these sculpts are still top notch. I wanted two twelve-strong units for bigger rulesets or four points of Hearthguard for Saga, so I went with two packs of armoured infantry, a pack of command models and then some looters to top it off. I’ve based the rankers on separate 20x20mm bases and the command stands on 40x40mm bases, the latter of which can double as a Warlord model for Saga.



As you can see I’ve painted them up to the best of my abilities – all models have some form of freehan patterning on one piece of clothing, and the shields were a pleasant throwback to the time when I was painting dozens of Viking shields. I have based these models identically to my Late Romans with the idea that they can be drafted as allies or foederati for bigger games.

Originally I was intending to use some leftover Gripping Beast plastics to make one or two unarmoured infantry units for the force, but I’ve enjoyed painting this lot so much I’ll save up some money and get the unarmoured warriors from this range, too. Not immediately, though… First it’s back to more Carthaginians, some commission work, plenty of 6mm stuff still to do… Nothing’s changed since last time!


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