Empire/Landsknecht Mortars

So I finally got a photobooth! It was a birthday present from my lovely wife, and so I decided to try it out forthwith and catch up on things a little. I have had a growing feeling of embarassment over the quality of my pictures these last years, which definitely had its impact on the frequency of my posts. What’s more, the hassle of gauging light sources and the correct angles was always a chore, and I could rarely if ever achieve any sort of consistency between sets of pictures. Nevermore!


I got these Empire mortars NiB second hand for an absolute steal, which delighted me as as they still are excellent models. They were assembled straight fron the boxes, with the exception of a few alternate heads and arms from the bitz box for variety.


As per usual, the crew were painted in flashy Landsknecht colours – no Empire State Troop uniformity!


These relatively old plastic mouldings didn’t come with wood grain detailing on the mortar carriage, so I had to paint my way around that. The wood was painted Citadel XV-88, washed agrax earthshade and highlighted with balor brown.


All in all, I have been rather busy with this Empire army over the last year. My previous blog post from quite a while back covered most of the army; as I am writing these words a number of unit fillers and a few extra townspeople are on the painting desk literally inches away from my keyboard, and then I’m getting really near to wrapping this project up.

Hope you enjoyed this update!


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