WW2 French Support

Returning to WW2 models after a lengthy hiatus was, well, swift – It looks like I’m out of them again! Below are the rest of my fledgling French force for now, painted, of course, with the same techniques as the infantry shown before.


From left to right we have a medic, a senior officer with incredible whiskers, a forward ordnance observer (normally included with the anti-tank gun, but more useful in this role) and a henchman for the officer, no doubt ringing HQ for an update on the croissants.

Then, the artillery. The French were noted for relying on their field pieces and so, in Bolt Action, they can field a single anti-tank or howitzer without paying points. I decided to pick up the 47mm anti-tank gun, which was a joy to paint but quite tricky to fit onto the supplied base!


Finally, we have the sniper, anti-tank rifle, and light mortar teams. I generally don’t like prone models too much as they take up more space, but these are fine.

So that’s it! I have vowed to not purchase any new models until Crisis 2020 rolls around come Novembre, and in case you’re wondering: it’s a vow I have been upholding succesfully since Crisis 2019! After Crisis 2020, however, you can expect further additions to this project to grace this blog.

À bientôt!


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