Beastman Champion

Just a quick update today, with a single model as its focus. I finally found back the Beastman army I stashed rather a little too effectively at my parents’ house before I moved out, and I decided I’d paint up a model for that force.

This old boy is a 5th edition model from the end of the nineties which I bought second-hand some time ago. I can’t remember if it came with the back banner or not, but as I dislike back banners I didn’t mind not having it on – so I glued a spare Gor shield to his back to hide the gap.


This guy was painted with a mix of the old and the new GW paints – for the most part, this posed no problems whatsoever when compared to my older paintjobs. With the lockdown I had to dig out some older paints once in a while because the newer ones had run out (or rather dried out), and the older pots, some having been untouched for about eight years, are still completely fine. That goes to show…

Once the lockdown is over and our local club opens up again, I’ll be sure to dig out my old Beastmen again and field them. The thing is, I only used them during 8th edition, and we’re more accustomed to 6th edition at the club. I’ll have a bit of armylist tinkering to do, it seems!

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