Carthaginian Citizen Levy

A quick update to get the blog through the summer. I just got back from Malta, where I painted this unit in the shade by the swimming pool. Good times were had.


These last holidays I’ve had have always been to Mediterranean countries, so I’ve made a point of taking along models that are ‘on theme’. Did you know that the etymology of Malta is ‘Maleth’, which is Phoenician for ‘safe haven’? Well, now you do.


I bought a unit of these models second-hand a year or two ago, and they’re the usual good stuff you can expect from Victrix. I did convert some of them to be holding their spears upright, to have a back rank that has more of an ‘at the ready’-look. I wish Victrix would refrain from applying their super dynamic model poses to warriors that were literally meant as a roadblock, as was the case for these poor citizens!


Painting wise I started off from four different undercoats – AP skeleton bone, GW corax white, wraithbone and zandri dust – washed with sepia and then layered back up with the appropriate colours. This was to get a few different tones on their tunics. The rest of the areas were painted as usual. A rather basic paintjob, considerably enlivened by the use of LBMS transfers.

That’s about it for this update. More Carthaginians are on the way soonish, but first I have a Lannister commission to grind through. And then some…


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