Space Hulk vol. I – The Librarian

As said at the end of my previous post, here’s a first update for one of my major projects of 2021: Space Hulk! I bought this box when it came out back in 2009, assembled the models, played some games with them, then it ended up in a box with all the other board games I never touch anymore. My interest in sci-fi games and models has waned considerably in recent years – the last time we tried a game of 40k was a dreadful exercise in bookkeeping – but is waxing once more due to the imment release of Stargrave this spring.

I have decided to split the contents of the Space Hulk set in twelve, and to tackle one batch each month. As there are twelve Space Marines in each box this means I can paint one of them at a time and devote my full attention to all the idiosyncratic details they bear – I always miss some of that stuff when batch painting, you see.

As I might want to use these models in Stargrave as well I mounted them on some nicely molded bases from GW. This was easier for the Librarian than for the other Space Marines or the Genestealers who are mounted on awkward bases, which is why this is the first model I painted.

I started off with a coat of kantor blue onto which I applied a black recess wash. After tidying some areas back up with the basecoat colour, I then edge highlighted the armour by adding baharroth blue, and a little white thrown in at the end for some final dotted highlights. Same process with the the red, which is mephiston red recess washed with druchii violet, and highlighted progressively with evil sunz scarlet, wild rider red and some very old bronzed flesh (from a hex pot!). I’m not 100% satisfied with the extremeness of that last highlight, so I might tone that down with the next Space Marines – which will, after all, be completely red.

Most areas were handled in similar fashion, with quite a few more highlight stages than I’d ordinarily do. I took most colours towards white with the object of making them look as crisp as possible, such as the crux terminatus. On the other hand, I treated the force axe rather simply with the usual incubi darkness – sotek green – temple guard green – baharroth blue progression, without trying to add any fancy effects to the blade. Perhaps it looks a bit too boring now?

All in all, despite my aversion to Space Marines – they really are the most boring part of the 41st millennium to me – I must confess I had a great time painting this model. It’s been a while since I started a small project like this where I can lavish each miniature with the full extent of my (completely average) skills. Whether I’ll feel the same way with the twelfth Space Marine in December, well…


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