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Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus

It’s quite a mouthful, that title, but there you have it. I’ve rekindled my interest in these models, God alone knows how I did it, and I’ve finally painted up another model for this project.


Even though I initially opted for a Skitarii army I’ve been looking at the Cult Mechanicus models as well. I’ve always found that an army needs a commander model, and as Skitarii have nothing of the sort I’ve gone for this chap here.


I’ve painted him up with the same processes as on the previous models, starting out with a silver undercoat spray from Army Painter.



The red robes and the terracotta armour plates were washed with purple before being layer highlighted – it was painstaking to paint some of the areas because of the buildup of the model. And I hate subassemblies.




One area I have never been good in is painting translucent objects, such as the fluid tanks on the back of this model. I’m only partly satisfied with this, not just with the technique but also with the choice of colour. I’ll leave it this way, though; can’t be arsed to start over again.


That’s that! I still have a long way to go before I can play any sort of representative game with these guys, so I’m slowly continuing on. Next up are a few more Skitarii Vanguard to round that unit out. Not sure when they’ll be finished though – I have lots of other things I want to get off the desk first. Thanks for reading!


Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

End of year means yours truly takes stock to consider the past year of brushwork and how to continue doing what one does best – painting some models! I’ll cover each of my projects one by one and ramble a bit. No pictures of models in this one, so if you’re the kind of fellow who looks at shinies without reading the context – check back later! Here goes.

  • Napoleonic French: I’ve added a squadron of Chasseurs and one of Cuirassiers, two line battalions and a couple of vignette models over the course of the year. It’s my first historical project, and it’s still going strong. Next year I’d like to get at least two further line battalions ready for duty, paint up more cavalry as well as horse artillery. There’s also Napoleon’s Berlin Carriage…
  • Vikings: My second project, and one that could almost be considered finished, were it not for the fact that I continue to collect and paint Northmen for the sheer joy of it. I’ve actually sold off a portion of my Viking army this year – mainly duplicates and plastics – and I might continue to do so, just to keep the collection fresh. In 2016 I have no immediate plans to purchase or paint new Vikings.
  • Flemings/Crusaders: I’m fairly satisfied with my collection, so much of the past year was spent filling in some gaps; priests and pilgrims, a bishop, etc. What I did paint a lot of were Maltese crosses, with a decent number of sergeants and foot knights being added to the army. In 2016 I’d like to get some more cavalry done for the army, but it’s fairly low priority.
  • WW2: My Fallschirmjaegers and Red Devils both received a decent amount of attention this year, with a couple of big cats for the former and a big gun for the latter. More bodies, especially officers, for both sides as well. I have plenty of models on the lead pile to carry over to 2016 and I will certainly be adding further to both projects!
  • Late Romans/Arthurians: I’m deliberately keeping this army fairly small – I’ve painted up most of the infantry this year, and I just need to finish basing one last unarmoured unit to be done. Cavalry wise I have a unit of companions and of horse archers to be handled, and then a small selection of artillery. I’d like to handle all of these in 2016 and finally finish a project for once!
  • Dacians and Sarmatians: These were sidelined in 2015, with just one falx unit being completed. I purchased some cavalry at Crisis last year but still haven’t gotten round to them, and I also received some Foundry foot archers from a gaming compatriot which have yet to be handled. In 2016 I’ll try and finish them, but interest is currently low.
  • TYW Dutchmen: Well, shit. Nothing whatsoever was painted for this project in 2015. Better get going again or it’s Ebay time!
  • 6mm WSS Catalans: No loving for them in 2015, but just before writing these words I dug them out of the lead pile to recommence work on these imps, so how’s that for progress? I have just one foot and one horse regiment done, and my projected force will count four of the former and eight of the latter, plus artillery and commanders. At the moment I have everything but the commanders in my possession, so whils I’d like to finish the project this year I’ll have to figure out how to get a hold of more Baccus stuff. I don’t think I saw them at Crisis ’15…
  • ACW: Painted a couple of ACW units in 2014, but lost interest in 2015 completely – I guess all those Prussian uniforms put me off Union blue! Perhaps I’ll pick up the trail again in 2016, as I did see good progress on the Black Powder supplement for the ACW. Who knows?
  • Fantasy & Sci-fi: As you might have noticed on the blog recently, Frostgrave has grabbed me firmly and won’t be letting go in 2016! I’ve dug out many old Warhammer models and made some additional non-GW purchases to complement them, and I’ll continue doing so in the foreseeable future. On the 40k side of things, 2015 saw – shock and horror – a new project in the form of the Adeptus Mechanicus, but this has fallen by the wayside a bit. I just find assembling these newer models so bloody tedious, as even the infantry models don’t go together without having to look at an assembly leaflet and match numbered parts. Still, I’d like to pick up where I left off in 2016.
  • 12mm Great War models: These were a fairly cheap purchase at Warcon ’15 of which I have painted just a third of the models. They’re great sculpts, certainly, but the scale is difficult – neither my tried techniques for 28mm nor those for 6mm work well. I’ll probably get these finished in 2016, maybe buy officers for both sides, then shelve them.
  • Scenery: I built a couple of items in 2015 but didn’t finish them off and, as a result, didn’t show them on the blog. I’d like to collect and build even more, but with the small apartment we’ve moved to I don’t really have the room to store an expansive collection. Choices, choices… So my pledge for 2016 will be to finish and preserve what I currently have.
  • Commissions: 2015 was a busy year with a lot of Prussians (I reckon around 200 of them?) and some Arabs thrown in for good measure. As always, I’m stating now that 2016 will of necessity be a year of fewer commissions and more personal work; we’ll see how long I’ll keep that up!


So that’s the main overview of my futile attempt at coherently outlining my painting work in 2016. As ever, stuff gets dumped due to waning interest or laziness, new purchases are made because I am a wargaming magpie who likes shinies, and whole projects get shelved for a year or more because I have the attention span of a toddler in a liquor cabinet. Nothing is set in stone!

Still, despite moving house and breaking my elbow, my year of miniature painting was successful. The figure below will tell you just how successful:


That’s how many figures I painted, with each cavalry model and vehicle counting as a single model, and artillery pieces having the gun and each free-standing crewman count as a single model as well; and this across all scales. I was going for 600, so that’s not too shabby, eh? For next year I’m upping my goal to 700, but as I did last year I’m counting in the 255 surplus models from 2015. I’m devious like that.

More AdMech – Vanguard and Rangers

These guys were completed a while ago but only now photographed – I’ve been quite busy with other stuff! Let’s go straight to the models themselves, shall we?

Models by Games Workshop, of course.

Models by Games Workshop, of course.

I figured I’d want to have one squad each of these troops, so I actually split my one Skitarii box – which is my June purchase together with a set of data cards – right down the middle and built five each of regular troops. No special weapons yet.


The robes were very time consuming to paint.

The robes were very time consuming to paint.

These guys were a hassle to build, as you can’t mix and match torsos to legs; you really have to take care to fit them together in the right order. That said, this method reduces the chance of wonky poses which the older plastic sets were infamous for. More beginner-friendly, let’s say?


The more sinister-looking lot.

The more sinister-looking lot.

I painted these up in exactly the same fashion as the first unit of Infiltrators, starting off from an AP plate mail undercoat. The ubiquitous robes did however increase the time it took dramatically. Still worthwhile, though.


The little yellow-black cabling helps fill out the palette.

The little yellow-black cabling helps fill out the palette.

One notable divergence from the painting scheme is that I swapped out guilliman blue for coelia greenshade on the glowy bits such as the Vanguards’ rifles. I wasn’t too happy with how the former came out on the Infiltrators, so I’m going to revisit them soonish.

Anyway, that’s it for this month’s 40k update. July will either feature more Skitarii, or perhaps a vehicle, who knows? I’ll be moving house in August and I first have a couple of vacations for my wallet to survive, so I’m not exactly sure about buying the more expensive GW toys at the moment.

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed the blog post, and for the historical purists: There’s another blog update due tomorrow, which will feature a certain feline duo my Germans have just welcomed into the family. Auf wiedersehen!


Sicarian Infiltrators

Continuing the ahistorical trend on the blog, here’s another shocker for you today. For the first time in many years I’ve purchased a Games Workshop article that’s not paint or tufts. Crazy, I know! For the historically minded readers out there: Don’t worry, I haven’t gone back to my roots completely and I’ll have some more Late Romans and the like for you very soon. But let’s continue with these new toys first, shall we?

A brand new plastic kit by Games Workshop

A brand new plastic kit by Games Workshop

To the credit of GW’s design team, they’ve finally released an army that has rekindled my interest in their side of the hobby – also called ‘the Games Workshop hobby’ – and to me it really is a step in the right direction. It’s a low model count army, with these Infiltrators clocking in at about 200 points when upgraded. Perfect.


The back of the cloak with the freehanded cog pattern.

The back of the cloak with the freehanded cog pattern.

The kit comes with two options, of either Infiltrators, the ones I chose, or Ruststalkers which are close-combat specialists. I’ve always liked shooty armies so I’ve gone with the Infiltrators, with the added bonuses of them being more expensive points-wise and having nifty special rules. I’ve given them the flechette blasters instead of the stubcarbines, as I like how the former look; a bit like silenced machinepistols.


A closeup of the 'sergeant' (he probably has a very fancy unique name)

A closeup of the ‘sergeant’ (he probably has a very fancy unique name)

Paintingwise there isn’t much work involved with these models – I went for a silver spray undercoat from AP, washed with drakenhof nightshade and drybrushed necron compound, and then added in the different details. The armour plates are tuskgor fur with a purple wash and then tuskgor fur reapplied as a highlight, the red is the usual progression of tones, etc. The one thing I’m not sure about is the blue which is white with a guilliman blue glaze. I might experiment with that a bit further.

I’ll be adding piecemeal to this army at one item a month. These models were purchased in April, May’s item is the rulebook, so it’ll be June before you’ll see the next unit – probably some Skitarii. I hope you enjoyed the blog post and check back soon!

A Look at 2013 & Prospects for 2014

Here’s another blog post, and a very important one, too! With the last batch of Rus Princes cavalry (pictures will follow) I have crossed the 500 model mark – to be precise, I’ve painted 504 models this year, and so my vow of a minimum of 500 models has been achieved – And we’ve still another month to go! Let’s do a little retrospection and see what got us this far. I’ll sum it up per project, then relate to you the future plans I have with each of them.

  • Vikings: At the end of 2012 I’d already done some of the Gripping Beast plastic viking hirdmen; in fact, much of my warband was already finished. Still, this year saw about a hundred additional models added to this army; mostly plastics from the new Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors set, but also a decent slab of metal models both by Gripping Beast and Old Glory. In 2014: Finish what Vikings I have lying around, and follow up with a few loose purchases at Crisis 2014 to fill out incomplete units. Particularly, I’d like to build a Northumbrian client contingent using the box of plastic Anglo-Saxon Thegns I have around, and also a mercenary unit composed of Jomsviking models.
  • Dacians & Sarmatians: This is an army I’d like to complete in 2014 and then move on to other projects. I started off with a box of Sarmatian cataphracts at a convention last March, and with a little effort the army will be done by the same time next year. This year I painted the aforementioned cataphracts (with an extra blister of them to bulk them out), two small units of light cavalry, the command models, and a Dacian warband – by the end of the year I’d like to complete a second warband. So in 2014: a further unit of light cavalry, a falx warband, and a unit of noblemen. There might be some plastic models left over which might be used for other purposes (Viking berserkers, notably) or to convert to javelin-armed skirmishers, but these are low priority.
  • Greeks: The unwanted child of my Crisis 2013 impulse purchases. I bought two boxes of Victrix models and I’m currently at 1/12th of their contents painted. In 2014: This is a relatively low-priority army and will probably receive rather sporadic attention. I have nothing other than armoured hoplites to paint for this army and there’s nothing non-hoplon armed to paint for variety. I will probably get about half done over the course of next year and then plump for the new Greek kits from Victrix at Crisis 2014.
  • Arabs: I painted an entire Arab warband for Saga at the beginning of this year, nearly 50 models in all, and they haven’t received any love in quite some time. A shame! This is mostly due to the Saga Arab list out of Wargames Illustrated being somewhat bland. Still, I consider them finished at the moment. In 2014: with the Crusades supplement for Saga probably available at Salute 2014, these might leave the cupboard once more. I have eight light horsemen left unpainted, and depending on the nature of the battleboard I might do these up as well.
  • Dutchmen: Plumped for a box of Swedish infantry in May when Warlord held a deal on them, and received a box of cavalry in August as payment for commission painting. Nice models, but the lack of interest amongst my gaming associates means that I don’t have much impetus for this project. In 2014: Left to be done are a company of shotte and half the unit of cavalry. These will be handled as soon as possible – I want to get the project squared away. I also bought some casualty models on the cheap at Crisis 2013, so they’ll be done, too. Despite the lack of interest I love the models, and so the For King & Country set from Warlord Games might be snapped up end of 2014.
  • Frenchmen: Things have been a bit quiet for my Frenchmen this year – if I have any hopes of ever fully owning the French OOB for Quatre-Bras, I’ll have to get going soon! Still, I managed to paint some cannon, a unit of lancers, and some command models and infantry here and there. In 2014: Painting more infantry is top priority for this army – I’m looking at a battalion of lights and two of line to be done. Also some cuirassiers, and some command models and battlefield markers. Merde!
  • Brits: I’ve just started this project but I absolutely love painting Red Devil models. Done so far are an infantry section, command section and light mortar team. Further up this year is the rest of my current collection – another infantry section, a PIAT team and a Vickers team. Just fifteen models, shouldn’t be too hard, right? In 2014: Who knows? With no other Red Devils to work on, these might be considered finished… unless a friend or relative treats me to another helping (and the wishlist function in the Warlord Games webstore is rather helpful).
  • Flemings: I took it easy with this project in 2013, with just sixteen infantry and eight crossbowmen done. However, three commanders are currently on my painting desk, so this year will be ended with a decent batch of models done for them. In 2014: I’d like to have these Flemings as one of my main projects for the year, and I’d also like to finish enough of them for a full Saga warband with options. Later on they might be expanded upon even further, and turned into a Hail Caesar/Impetus army, or even a Bretonnian army for Warhammer Fantasy.
  • Fantasy & Sci-fi: Really quiet on this front! I painted mainly some Bloodletters, some Space Marines (ewww)  and some Space Orks, to a total of about 50 models. However, I’m thinking of picking up the gaming side of it fairly soon, and that might get me interested in painting the masses of plastic and lead I have lying about. To conclude, in 2014: More Space Orks and maybe some extra Chaos releases, but no new purchases of any kind for these projects.
  • Japanese: Just bought them at Crisis, will probably have to wait until next year though. So, in 2014: A handful of sohei monks for Ronin, probably around 20. Not much is needed for this ruleset.
  • Commission work: About a quarter of the 500 models I painted this year were done for friends. Chief among these were a full Jomsviking warband and two Napoleonic cavalry units, with more still underway. In 2014: While I will probably accept more commissions, I will do my best to focus on my own projects. Otherwise, I don’t see any of them being completed. I’ll go for a selection of small commissions and see how they proceed.

TL;DR version for 2014: More of everything, especially Vikings – but no new projects. As for next year’s painting goal: I’ll start counting from the moment I went over this year’s mark, but next year’s goal is a total of 600 models painted. This means I’m currently at 4/600. Motivating? Hell no! But I’m sure I’ll boost the figure up towards a decent mark soon. Do check back to see the score, my good readers!

Space Ork Killa Kans… with wheels!

Hello all and welcome back to my little blog which I’ve been having for about half a year now! I believe I’ve posted a wide variety of models, but none so far have been quite as silly as what I’m about to show you today.

Owners of the current Ork codex for Warhammer 40.000 will undoubtedly have smiled at least once at the armylist section, in which it is stated that mega-armoured models may not ride bikes “as they would probably fall off a lot”. So I thought: why not take it a step further?

Ride bikes? Yes We Kan.

Ride bikes? Yes We Kan.


So yes, these are basically Killa Kan upper ‘bodies’ stuck to Ork bikes. A generous sprinkling of bits from these two kits as well as other Orky leftovers (notably my Trukk and flyer) were used to mesh the disparate parts together and hide the inevitable gaps.


From left to right: Unikorn, Buzz and

From left to right: Unicorn, Buzz and Ivory.


Painting was straightforward, being exactly identical to those Trukks you’ve seen recently. Needless to say, assembling them took about twice as long as painting them.





In-game, they’ll just be used as normal Killa Kans with grotzookas or rokkit launchas depending on the opposition – hence the multitude of rockets. They’re dying for a fight, but where to find the time in between all that historical goodness?

That’s it for now, folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed my recent blog updates this past week – I know I did writing them. There’s more goodness inbound, such as a painting guide on a Gretchin, some Dacians (finally!) and perhaps some more Napoleonics. Until then!


Space Ork Trukks

Hello again, my faithful readers! As mentioned I’ve recently completed some Space Ork vehicles of different shapes and sizes. I was thinking the blog has been missing some non-historical updates for some time now and – though I’ve largely given up on painting fantasy and sci-fi – I do like painting some just for variety. What’s more, the blog can use it, too. So here’s a long-overdue Yesteryear Wednesday update.



This first truck might evoke a little nostalgia in the hearts of some of my veteran readers, as the thing truly is old. I picked it up at a dusty independent retailer in Ostend last year that still has quite an assortment of pewter GW models and old kits (I even snatched up the Battlefleet Gothic starter set!).

It's quite a bit smaller than the new Trukk, which is a devious advantage in 40k.

It’s quite a bit smaller than the new Trukk, which is a devious advantage in 40k.

Now as you can see, I did convert the model somewhat with some bits and pieces from the new Trukk kit, such as the boarding plank and the bumper plating behind the drivers. I think this ties it in a little better with the new Trukks that are much bigger.

A pretty good kit by GW. It's getting pricier though...

A pretty good kit by GW. It’s getting pricier though…

Painting was done with the usual casandora yellow and seraphim sepia washes over a white undercoat. I did the old Trukk in one go with just the rider and gunner separate; for the new Trukk I separated the model into the upper chassis and gun cupola which were undercoated white, and the undercarriage and wheels which were undercoated black (to give me an easier time with the metallics).

I did make some slight alterations, such as switching the driver's and gunner's places in the cab.

I did make some slight alterations, such as switching the driver’s and gunner’s places in the cab.

You might think it was a straightforward piece of work, but this second Trukk stayed on my desk for almost a year. I just couldn’t find the motivation to continue work on it, with it being split up in so many half-painted parts. I’m beginning to think painting vehicles is just not for me – too many large areas, a lot of separate elements that have to be stuck together afterwards with often not a little hassle… I’m glad Napoleon didn’t have mechanised Voltigeurs in his Grande Armée!

Despite my antipathy of all things wheeled (actually, my aunt used to own an Australian shepherd dog that couldn’t stand bicyclists… but I digress) I have some more Space Ork vehicles coming to the blog later this week. I won’t go into much detail on them yet, as they are kitbashed models. Until then!