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Hengist and Horsa

It would seem all I’m painting lately are dark age-themed models, but that really isn’t the case. It’s just that I really like painting them and then showing them off. The two models below are for my friend Alex’ warband so I’ll be passing them on in a few days, and as I really like these Footsore Miniatures sculpts I thought I’d show them here first.



Both were completed over the course of a day, I can’t really time them. I started out with a drybrush of all the metallics, then blocked in all the colours, washed them with the appropriate GW washes, then highlighted everything at least once.



As you can see these models carry enough fur to make those PETA nutjobs cringe, which is precisely why I lavished extra attention on them! You can’t really see in the pictures as they’re a bit overexposed, but I managed to create a lovely gradient towards the edges of the furs, all the while keeping the textured effect intact.

Dark Age models lend themselves particularly well to some freehand patterning, so I opted for some simple lines and dags on these two fellows. I think they’d be a bit too plain looking otherwise.

That’s it for now! As far as Footsore Miniatures are concerned: in my experience they’re the best Dark Age models currently available. I’ve recently painted a small Irish warband of theirs (just awaiting a flag for the standard bearer) which was equally well-sculpted and cleanly cast. Their ranges are still showing large gap but they seem to be filling these at a fair pace. Do give them a try if you haven’t already!


Franks of a Different Stripe

More Franks were painted over the course of the last few weeks, but as you’ll see they’re nothing like the previous lot. These are Carolingian Franks from Gripping Beast, and they’re a commission from my friend Alex.


First up, the Warlord. He’s the more colourful of the lot, and I gave him a white horse to stand out that much more.



Two points of mounted Hearthguard. These were also done rather colourfully. I had a good time mixing and matching colours on different garments to make each model unique.




A point of mounted Warriors. For these lower-ranked guys I opted for simple, neutral colours on their garments but then made the shields stand out. cofcof

Finally, two points of foot Warriors. As with their mounted comrades I used neutral tones on the garments, and as you can see from their bases I used four different undercoat sprays which would form the base of the models’ tunics. That certainly sped up the painting process!

I’ve just completed painting the last of these models this morning and I’ll be handing them over tomorrow evening. I’m glad to be shot of them, as that means I can focus on my own lead pile again!

Monster Update part two: Flemish Crossbowmen

Continuing on with the monster update, here are some Flemish Crossbowmen. They’re obviously meant to go with the Flemish infantry who featured on the blog almost half a year ago now – yet another project that has gone sadly untouched until now.

Models by Fireforge Games, with some Gripping Beast heads.

Models by Fireforge Games, with some Gripping Beast heads.

As I said back in the first post on the subject of this project, my first intent is to use these as a Saga warband. I’m thinking of using these as Normans, Franks or Anglo-Danish, and the first two warbands do have the option for a point of warriors with crossbows. Thus, I availed myself of the excellent Foot Sergeant plastics of Fireforge Games make. However, as they are more of a 12th- 13th century type of soldier, I used the more old-fashioned bodies and heads on the sprue, and used a couple of spare Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors heads as well. A perfect fit with those GB heads on Fireforge bodies, by the way!

Eight crossbowmen, ready to put bolts into Saxon and Muslim alike.

Eight crossbowmen, ready to put bolts into Saxon and Muslim alike.

Painting was done with the same colours and techniques as their mêlée counterparts, though the lack of shields on these guys means they were much quicker to complete. Some sand and tufts and Bob’s your uncle.

At Crisis I loaded up on a goodly amount of extra Perry Miniatures models for this project: two units of twelve bow-armed levies and, of course, the commander pack with Godfrey of Bouillon and his chums. These and sixteen further infantry, as well as some cavalry, will be painted up sometime next year and I hope to conclude this project before 2015.

Again, stay tuned, for another update will grace this blog!