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HYW French Foot Knights

I have had a few weeks of comparatively few results to show – which is strange, as it’s usually the case that I paint a lot but don’t manage to get the results up on the blog! The reality is that I have been working on several batches of models at once, and didn’t finish them up in due course. However, one batch is done and ready to show.


Although I had decided not to add any new projects to the lineup for 2018… here we go, promise broken in the first quarter. These models were given to me by my top chum Eddy who is really too kind. They came in a mixed bag – literally – of assorted foot knights, and for this unit I decided to pick out all of those with double handed weapons and some command models. There are shield-armed knights in there, too, but I’m looking at converting those to hold two-handed weapons, too – more suited to late HYW battles, when the shield had largely become obsolete with white armour having become the norm.


I based the heraldry of these models upon the actual knights who were present at Azincourt, although I didn’t get into who was where in that battle – so some models in this unit of foot knights might have rather fought on horseback during that particular battle. No matter!

After a basecoat of AP plate metal spray I used brown and blue washes, then lightly drybrushed a bright metal upon it to get the sheen back up, I then went in to get all the jupons blocked in, shaded, highlighted, added the designs, and so on. I think they came out well, but my next unit will be some plain crossbowmen with a white cross upon an otherwise simple aketon. Thank God the peasant wives couldn’t embroider anything better!

Hope you like these, but stay tuned… Something slightly bigger is coming to the blog this very weekend!



A Model for the Missus

Yesteryear Wednesday, and for this second installment I’ll show the model I painted for my girlfriend’s birthday. The paintjob is not terribly old, but I haven’t had much time to photograph this week, so please bear with me.

I picked him up at Crisis'12, no idea who sculpted him though.

I picked him up at Crisis’12, no idea who sculpted him though.

It’s what I believe to be a late 16th or early 17th century mercenary paymaster of sorts, but I could be grievously mistaken – I am quite the novice to that particular time period! My girlfriend is currently mastering in art history and her subjects are often paintings of that time period, so I naturally painted this one up for her.

A parchment roll with our initials and a crossed heart. Oh dear.

A parchment roll with our initials and a crossed heart. Oh dear.

Colour-wise I stuck to my usual paint palette but in a slightly different combination, and with the familiar use of plenty of washes. I provided slightly more highlights, which I believe turned out quite well, especially on the hat and gloves – a basecoat of zandri dust washed with agrax earthshade, and highlighted with again zandri dust and finally bleached bone. Though the parchment was painted with much the same colours, it was handled with mostly a sepia shade and then a highlight with white; I feared the two tones would end up too similar, but it ended up just fine.

The dreaded close up. The model has already taken some wear, as you can see on the brim of the hat.

The dreaded close up. The model has already taken some wear, as you can see on the brim of the hat.

My girlfriend was fairly happy with the gift, as I was fairly happy with painting this model. It’s simple enough with not too much frills, and much of the complexity resided in limiting the palette to the amount of different layers of cloth. Interesting stuff, really.

That wraps it up for today, I believe. Tomorrow evening I’ll get round to photographing the new viking levies, and I decided to start painting Decebalus and his advisor, just so I can clear all the classical era stuff I own at the moment (which was a pitifully small amount to start with, so that’s not really an accomplishment). In other words, you can expect a further update or two this week. Thank you for reading and until then!