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Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus

It’s quite a mouthful, that title, but there you have it. I’ve rekindled my interest in these models, God alone knows how I did it, and I’ve finally painted up another model for this project.


Even though I initially opted for a Skitarii army I’ve been looking at the Cult Mechanicus models as well. I’ve always found that an army needs a commander model, and as Skitarii have nothing of the sort I’ve gone for this chap here.


I’ve painted him up with the same processes as on the previous models, starting out with a silver undercoat spray from Army Painter.



The red robes and the terracotta armour plates were washed with purple before being layer highlighted – it was painstaking to paint some of the areas because of the buildup of the model. And I hate subassemblies.




One area I have never been good in is painting translucent objects, such as the fluid tanks on the back of this model. I’m only partly satisfied with this, not just with the technique but also with the choice of colour. I’ll leave it this way, though; can’t be arsed to start over again.


That’s that! I still have a long way to go before I can play any sort of representative game with these guys, so I’m slowly continuing on. Next up are a few more Skitarii Vanguard to round that unit out. Not sure when they’ll be finished though – I have lots of other things I want to get off the desk first. Thanks for reading!


More AdMech – Vanguard and Rangers

These guys were completed a while ago but only now photographed – I’ve been quite busy with other stuff! Let’s go straight to the models themselves, shall we?

Models by Games Workshop, of course.

Models by Games Workshop, of course.

I figured I’d want to have one squad each of these troops, so I actually split my one Skitarii box – which is my June purchase together with a set of data cards – right down the middle and built five each of regular troops. No special weapons yet.


The robes were very time consuming to paint.

The robes were very time consuming to paint.

These guys were a hassle to build, as you can’t mix and match torsos to legs; you really have to take care to fit them together in the right order. That said, this method reduces the chance of wonky poses which the older plastic sets were infamous for. More beginner-friendly, let’s say?


The more sinister-looking lot.

The more sinister-looking lot.

I painted these up in exactly the same fashion as the first unit of Infiltrators, starting off from an AP plate mail undercoat. The ubiquitous robes did however increase the time it took dramatically. Still worthwhile, though.


The little yellow-black cabling helps fill out the palette.

The little yellow-black cabling helps fill out the palette.

One notable divergence from the painting scheme is that I swapped out guilliman blue for coelia greenshade on the glowy bits such as the Vanguards’ rifles. I wasn’t too happy with how the former came out on the Infiltrators, so I’m going to revisit them soonish.

Anyway, that’s it for this month’s 40k update. July will either feature more Skitarii, or perhaps a vehicle, who knows? I’ll be moving house in August and I first have a couple of vacations for my wallet to survive, so I’m not exactly sure about buying the more expensive GW toys at the moment.

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed the blog post, and for the historical purists: There’s another blog update due tomorrow, which will feature a certain feline duo my Germans have just welcomed into the family. Auf wiedersehen!


Sicarian Infiltrators

Continuing the ahistorical trend on the blog, here’s another shocker for you today. For the first time in many years I’ve purchased a Games Workshop article that’s not paint or tufts. Crazy, I know! For the historically minded readers out there: Don’t worry, I haven’t gone back to my roots completely and I’ll have some more Late Romans and the like for you very soon. But let’s continue with these new toys first, shall we?

A brand new plastic kit by Games Workshop

A brand new plastic kit by Games Workshop

To the credit of GW’s design team, they’ve finally released an army that has rekindled my interest in their side of the hobby – also called ‘the Games Workshop hobby’ – and to me it really is a step in the right direction. It’s a low model count army, with these Infiltrators clocking in at about 200 points when upgraded. Perfect.


The back of the cloak with the freehanded cog pattern.

The back of the cloak with the freehanded cog pattern.

The kit comes with two options, of either Infiltrators, the ones I chose, or Ruststalkers which are close-combat specialists. I’ve always liked shooty armies so I’ve gone with the Infiltrators, with the added bonuses of them being more expensive points-wise and having nifty special rules. I’ve given them the flechette blasters instead of the stubcarbines, as I like how the former look; a bit like silenced machinepistols.


A closeup of the 'sergeant' (he probably has a very fancy unique name)

A closeup of the ‘sergeant’ (he probably has a very fancy unique name)

Paintingwise there isn’t much work involved with these models – I went for a silver spray undercoat from AP, washed with drakenhof nightshade and drybrushed necron compound, and then added in the different details. The armour plates are tuskgor fur with a purple wash and then tuskgor fur reapplied as a highlight, the red is the usual progression of tones, etc. The one thing I’m not sure about is the blue which is white with a guilliman blue glaze. I might experiment with that a bit further.

I’ll be adding piecemeal to this army at one item a month. These models were purchased in April, May’s item is the rulebook, so it’ll be June before you’ll see the next unit – probably some Skitarii. I hope you enjoyed the blog post and check back soon!