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Ghosts/Wraiths/Spirits/Banshees for Frostgrave

Just a quick update, but a much overdue one – it’s been more than two months since my last post! I’ve been painting plenty of stuff and a new article of mine will soon be appearing in Warlord’s newsletter; these things, rather than this blog, has been taking up much of my time. It’ll only be a short update, this – the food is on the stove and I’ve just come in from a quick jog, so I’ll have to keep it brief! On to the models, then:


My mate Flor and I have recently started up a Frostgrave campaign using the Thaw of the Lich Lord scenarios and random encounter table, and as I noticed there were plenty of monsters of the ethereal kind, I’ve gone and added a box’s worth of these GW Spirit Hosts to my collection.

First off: these are an absolute nightmare to build. The different ghostly tentacles have to be glued together at specific locations where they pass eachother, at very minute contact points which are not at all clear to identify. These joins end up being very brittle, and if you don’t line them up 100% correctly you’ll then have trouble gluing the heads on – the ‘hairs’ will start interlocking means the heads won’t fit. These Spirit Hosts are quite possibly the worst plastic kit I’ve ever had to assemble in my fifteen years of hobby experience.

Still, once painting got underway, I had a lot of fun. Over a white undercoat I basecoated gauss blaster green, then sybarite green, then kabalite green, but I applied these basecoats increasingly away from the face, arms and tips of the lower ‘bodies’, effectively creating a transitional effect from white to a middle dark green. The weapons were basecoated silver, and after this I washed the models entirely in coelia greenshade. Once dry I applied white highlights to the faces, arms and ‘tails’ to bring the detail back on them, and I applied a sepia wash to the skeletons on the bases. The sand on the bases was painted dark brown and then both the bases and the skeletons were given a white drybrush. It’s so simple, which is also why I like them so much I decided to show them to you.

I’d like to do more of these, but someone else will have to assemble them for me…


Tomb Banshee

I’m slowly but steadily filling up the random encounters table for Frostgrave, and it’s one I’m approaching rather piecemeal. There was a wraith in the main book, but now it seems there’s a further few ghostly types in the Lich King supplement – so I guess I’ll be using the model below fairly frequently!




I find these GW clampack character models to be fairly good – expensive but well detailed. This one was a bit tricky to put together, owing to the strange way in which it’s been cut up during development.


I worked from a white undercoat, of course, with the light colours I was aiming at. I then basecoated everything: gauss blaster green and baharroth blue for the robes, sybarite green for the bodice, flayed one flesh for the skin, celestra grey for the hair and silver for the metal.


Then, of course, a coelia greenshade wash over everything, followed by a drakenhof nightshade wash over the metal bits. Once dry I just reapplied all the base colours as a layer highlight.


Finally, I painted in the eyes and teeth with white. Super easy! I really like the way the palette came out, especially the cold flesh tone. Hope you like it too.

I have a few more updates coming soon, I just need to wrap my head around WordPress’s new publishing layout. I liked the old one much better, but then again I’m becoming an old grognard.

Necromancer & Skeletons for Frostgrave

A couple of days ago my good chum Flor came round to my apartment for a trial game of Frostgrave, the new fantasy skirmish game from Osprey Publishing and North Star. Even with the two months since receiving the rules, I just couldn’t get motivated to paint my warband, and I had to make do with an undercoated set of models. Painful!

The ruleset itself, as we soon found out, is absolutely brilliant. It’s quick-paced, full of hilarious moments – Flor’s Dwarf Runelord ,which he used as a Wizard, used Leap to somersault out of a sticky situation – and the campaign system looks to be well-balanced with none of the flaws Mordheim used to have. We’ve already taken it upon ourselves to start a campaign proper after Flor gets back from a month-long trip to Australia (eternal jealousy is my part) so that means I have to get my warband sorted by then. And that’s just what I’ve begun doing!

Five skeletons, some really old plastics from GW.

Five skeletons, some really old plastics from GW.

During my recent moving house I stumbled upon some really old models from back when I first started wargaming. The owner of the toy store my mother used to work at had heard about the hobby I’d begun and dumped a box of really old GW models he’d never managed to sell and had been collecting dust in the attic. In among the stuff were these skeletons. They came in really small, bone-coloured plastic sprues dated 1991 – that means they’re as old as my girlfriend is. Shocking! I hastily built them up, found an old sprue of shields which I think came with metal Dwarf blisters, and there you go.


A really old but really good GW sculpt.

A really old but really good GW sculpt.

Also in that magical mystery box was Heinrich Kemmler the Lichemaster, an old sculpt from the time when GW made interesting character models instead of twenty flavours of ‘pointing at enemy, one foot on rock/severed head’. As the original staff was a bit too tacky for my tastes, I snipped off the top and put a brazier from a VC Corpse Cart kit in its place with a little greenstuff to tidy it up. It also gave me an excuse to do a little wet blending on the flames, which didn’t turn out perfect but I’m satisfied at least.


A different colour scheme when you look at it from the back - me gusta!

A different colour scheme when you look at it from the back – me gusta!

I’ve used some tundra tufts from Army Painter for the bases – it’s Frostgrave after all – and I have to say I really like the effect. Takes them to the next level.

So far I’m really enjoying Frostgrave – it’s become an excuse to start digging into the remnants of my many fantasy armies. Up next for the project is my apprentice (though he snuffed it rather unceremoniously in our trial game) and some armoured skeletons. Until next time!