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Beastman Champion

Just a quick update today, with a single model as its focus. I finally found back the Beastman army I stashed rather a little too effectively at my parents’ house before I moved out, and I decided I’d paint up a model for that force.

This old boy is a 5th edition model from the end of the nineties which I bought second-hand some time ago. I can’t remember if it came with the back banner or not, but as I dislike back banners I didn’t mind not having it on – so I glued a spare Gor shield to his back to hide the gap.


This guy was painted with a mix of the old and the new GW paints – for the most part, this posed no problems whatsoever when compared to my older paintjobs. With the lockdown I had to dig out some older paints once in a while because the newer ones had run out (or rather dried out), and the older pots, some having been untouched for about eight years, are still completely fine. That goes to show…

Once the lockdown is over and our local club opens up again, I’ll be sure to dig out my old Beastmen again and field them. The thing is, I only used them during 8th edition, and we’re more accustomed to 6th edition at the club. I’ll have a bit of armylist tinkering to do, it seems!

WW2 French Infantry

A new project, because why not?


One annoying habit I do have is that, when abroad, I always want to visit any nearby hobby stores. My wife usually kindly obliges (she usually is in charge of organising all the other daytrips!) although the one where I bought these models was a bit harder as it was a freezing cold January day in Vienna to a store quite outside the city centre!


So why French? Well, ever since the film Dunkirk I have had the urge to collect a Fall of France/Retreat to Dunkirk army. These French from Warlord Games are the first of the small force – I plan, of course, to add quite a few British Expeditionary Force models, some Senegalese, some Belgians, and mix these models to truly drive home the theme of a multinational force of volunteers that try to stop the Boche from reaching the beaches.


These models were painted with the usual dirty cheap techniques you know me for. I started from a death guard green spray coat, painted the backpacks and legwraps ionrach skin, the skin tallarn flesh, the water bottles elysian green, the webbing and boots mournfang brown, the wood XV-88 and the gun metal leadbelcher. Then, surprise surprise, everything was given two successive washes of agrax earthshade, and the helmets a final wash of drakenhof nightshade.


Then, highlights: the greatcoats with death guard green, the legwraps and backpacks ionrach skin, the metallics stormhost silver, the boots and webbing steel legion drab, the helmets waaagh! flesh, the water bottles elysian green, and the wood zandri dust – adding some woodgrain effect – with a final wash of reikland flesh. The skin was highlighted tallarn flesh and then kislev flesh, with a dash of carroburg crimson on the lower lip for some subtle colour. And, of course, the sergeant got a nice Colgate smile to stand out from the other side of the table!


Lastly, the bases – really chuffed with these. I added two layers of sand mixed with a little grit to hide the rather thick moulded stands, washed this with nuln oil and then drybrushed them with pallid wych flesh. Some highland tufts from Army Painter were added and that was it. I tried to go for the look of the northern French and Belgian dunes in unseasonal weather, matching the bleakness of the atmosphere of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, and I think it worked out well. The only thing I’m still debating is whether to paint the base rims, and if so, which colour?

More for these French soon, as I have an HQ nearly ready, and then some support teams and the obligatory 47mm anti-tank gun to stop those nasty Panzers!

Celts! Faasands of ’em!

Why do I always tell myself not to start new projects, when such good intentions are clearly in vain? Here’s another one fresh off the painting table: Celts! I was foolish enough to pick up the wonderful Vercingetorix model from Warlord Games at Warcon ’18 and think I could leave it at that – well fat chance, Victrix is releasing some terrific plastic Gauls these days and I had to bite. My friends brought a set of their new Gallic Warriors as well as one of Fanatics home from Salute ’18, and I’m happy to report they’re already done! Huzzah!


First up, we have the meat-and-bones of the force: a big warband of your ordinary Celts. These were pretty straightforward to assemble: a mix of the both the topless and the fully dressed bodies, and of both the helmeted and bare heads, with swords, spears and a few javelins thrown in for good measure. Painting-wise, I opted for a radically different technique: I undercoated the models AP skeleton bone, heavily drybrushed them white, then applied all colours with just washes. Usually several washes were needed across a given area to get the required result, otherwise things would look too pastel. For instance, the skin tone is two washes of reikland fleshshade and one of seraphim sepia. Obviously, the metallic were painted in the usual manner, and I took special care to make them look super shiny for contrast. Also, as Celts wouldn’t look the part without them, I added freehanded patterns to at least one item of cloth on pretty much every model, with regular paint of course.


Also built from the Gallic Warriors set are these skirmishers. I elected to use just the topless bodies and bare heads for these – to get the point across that they’re the poorer kind of warrior. For these I had to do some cutting on the left arm to equip them with spare javelins, which means they’re not equipped with shields – hence, they look a lot less spectacular than the others!


Penis! These are the fanatics, and they were stupidly easy to paint with the aforementioned technique. It’s a 24-strong block of troops but I think I’ll be getting some more to bulk out the unit, for games like WAB where they really shine when fielded as a big block. In the first rank you can see a druid model from Warlord Games, which was a leftover from my Dacian project. He’s a bit smaller (haha…) than the others, but otherwise fits in fairly well. Using watered down incubi darkness I added tattoos/warpaint to these models to spice up their appearance, which I think was much needed.


Finally, here are two other characters; the first is that wonderful Vercingetorix model from Warlord Games. I altered just one thing, which was to give him a spare plastic shield so that I could apply a LBMS transfer without too much of a hassle.


The second is a plastic command model from the Gallic Warriors set which I’ll be using as a Battle Standard Bearer in WAB, or a regular standard bearer for other games. This guy received an open left hand from a Victrix hoplite, so that I could portray him leaning on his sheathed sword. Not my most impressive conversion ever, but I think it’s an effective little distinguishing feature.

So, well, there you go! A whole set of Celts, ready to be fielded alongside or against my Carthaginians. As models always look better when put next to each other, I have a couple of group photos for you.


This first group shot is for those moments when I’ll be playing WAB. The two decently sized warbands will be intimidating to most opponents – the druid confers Hatred to the already Frenzied fanatics, and the Battle Standard Bearer and Warlord go into the big Warrior block to boost its staying power. The skirmishers will either be fielded as a single big unit or two smaller ones.


The second group shot shows the troops broken down into 12-strong units, for our games of Hail Caesar, To The Strongest, Sword & Spear and the like. It’s a pretty healthy division, with five standard units and two small units.

Project done – for now… I once purchased a box of Gallic cavalry from Warlord as well as a Gallic cavalry command blister to use with my Dacians but never got round to using them, and I think they’ll be used here. The new Gallic cavalry from Victrix are also leering at me, of course. As 24 or 25 is a bit small for a Naked Fanatic unit I’d like to bump the unit up to around 32, and I might purchase some metals from Warlord Games for variety as another pack of 24 plastics would be a little much. Finally, I’m of a mind to build a warband of nobles on foot, using the regular plastic Gallic Warriors but all helmeted, with swords, and with the capes attached (which I didn’t use much yet). Plenty of options!


Vikings to Bookend 2015

It’s been a multifarious outpouring this year on the blog, hasn’t it? A couple of new historical projects were added, sci-fi and fantasy were revisited after a long break, and despite moving house and breaking my elbow I somehow managed to paint up a good number of models. One project was curiously absent, though – Vikings! After painting rank upon rank of Napoleonics, I recently felt the urge to paint up some more Northmen, and so here we are. These are both the first Vikings of 2015 and the last painted models I’ll be posting this year, so I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Two models by Shieldwall Miniatures, a range sold by Gripping Beast.

Two models by Shieldwall Miniatures, a range sold by Gripping Beast.

In spite of having enough Vikings already I couldn’t resist picking up these models at Crisis ’14. The fat warlord especially is a new favourite of mine.


Quite chuffed with how the freehanded pattern on mister Oyvind's cloak turned out.

Quite chuffed with how the freehanded pattern on mister Ulfgeir’s cloak turned out.

I decided to base and paint these as per my original Saga warband, which I started working on around three years ago. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion! Since then I’ve painted many Vikings but I’ve mostly used much easier techniques – I hope you’ll notice I put some extra man hours into painting these up.


More Shieldwall models - four berserkers.

More Shieldwall models – four berserkers.

I’ve always been dissatisfied with my original berserker models, which were nothing more than overly-armoured plastic hirdmen with dane axes. Thus I have chosen to replace these with the models above. I have a difficult time picking my favourite out of these four, but I think the one named Gorm does it for me – that stripped-down tunic, the rags of which have been expertly sculpted around his waist, is a fantastic feature.


I stippled those cloaks - not entirely sure about them.

I stippled those cloaks – not entirely sure about them.

It’s a bit tricky not to overdo, but I felt compelled to add some blood effects to their weapons, as they are, after all, completely bonkers. All the more to set them apart on the tabletop, although that won’t do them any good in Saga at all!

That’s it for today! It’s Christmas, so I thought, why not grace you with a blog post full of pagans, eh? I have one more update for you this year, which is my big look-back-at-2015-and-look-forward-to-2016 list. Stay tuned for hints of what is to come, and Merry Christmas or Happy Yuletide – whatever floats your longboat!


Camel Jockeys!

Yet more Arabs were completed recently. These form part of my friend Kurt’s growing army, which was aimed at Saga but has already been seeing action in games of Sword & Spear. That’s the beauty of historical wargaming: the words “I’ll get just enough for a skirmish game” have barely escaped your mouth and then you end up with a hundred or more models. It’s happened to everybody! Anyway, on to the models.


Models by Gripping Beast.

Models by Gripping Beast.

I must confess I really like painting camels. It’s probably to do with the simplicity of the painting process – they already look the part with a single basecoat, wash and highlight all over!


Some of the newer sculpts they've put out, and it shows.

Some of the newer sculpts they’ve put out, and it shows.

As with the other models I’ve done these up with just washes, although I have used a few more freehand motifs to spice the models up just a tad more. The sculpts themselves are very clean, so these were a joy to work on.


Note the big sapphire in his turban - can't beat blue-orange contrast!

Note the big sapphire in his turban – can’t beat blue-orange contrast!

This warlord on camel is fantastic as well. I’d be happy yelling at my troops from the comfort of a pillowy chair atop a smelly camel as well! The blue gemstone was painted in the age-old tradition of Eldar collectors and I think it came out rather well.




This marks the temporary end of all things camel-mounted in my painting queue. For the Arabs I’ve got some light javelin cavalry coming up as well as a few more foot soldiers – more on those next month.

Updates on the blog have been sparse these last weeks, but never fear! I’ve two more updates coming up for you this weekend, one more for the Crusades and one for Napoleonics. So check back soon!


The final Arabs (for now)

So that’s them done. The last batch was a mixed bag in terms of painting techniques so they did take me a bit longer, but here they are:


A Hashashin warlord, dressed in black,and a less dour preacher.

A Hashashin warlord, dressed in black,and a less dour preacher.

The commissionaire wanted a Hashashin theme to his warband, so of course the Warlord had to be painted black. I couldn’t resist adding some of the signature orange colour to the palette, though, so his knife scabbard was picked out for it.


Models by Gripping Beast, I believe.

Models by Gripping Beast, I believe.

Speaking of assassin’s, here they are. The commissionaire wanted them to look undercover, so I painted them up as monks or knightly order brethren. A templar, a Jerusalemite, a hospitaller and a random warrior of outremer. You will note that I used the same blue as on the crusaders I painted for Kurt recently – I guess this ties the two forces together.

Thats that for the infantry – I heard the commissionaire has a 34-strong Seljuk cavalry he’d like me to tackle next, so we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, I’ll be slaving away at more Prussians and, hopefully, some Late Romans as well. Until next time, dear readers!


Jarl Rognvald

It’s been ages since I’ve painted a Viking, so I thought I’d better do one before the year is out. Not just any random northman though… Warlord Games produce exactly one Dark Age model and it’s ace.

Model by Warlord Games.

Model by Warlord Games.

Of course, a good model can always be improved upon, so I swapped out the shield for a plastic one from Gripping Beast and added some arrows pilfered from a GW Skeleton Warrior set. Holes were drilled into the shield to receive the arrows, and I also took a few chunks out of the shield rim with a hobby knife. I think these modifications add to the ferocity of the model.

A better look at the shield.

A better look at the shield.

For the paintjob I worked from a black undercoat which was first drybrushed necron compound to bring out all the detail and get the chainmail squared away immediately. Some basecoat colours were immediately added: elysian green, zamesi desert and waaagh flesh for the tunic, trousers and cloak respectively.

Of course, more freehanding had to be done.

Of course, more freehanding had to be done.

Then the washes, of course. I used some Army Painter washes for the first time, soft tone and dark tone, and I’m mildly pleased with the outcome. The former won’t replace seraphim sepia as the tone is simply not rich enough for my tastes, but the latter sits somewhere inbetween agrax earthshade and nuln oil which complements my existing brace of washes well enough.

The rest of the model was done as you’d expect me to. I chose a red shield to contrast with the greens on the model itself, and freehanded a raven and a rune to show his allegiance to both Odin and Thor – because why bet on a single horse, right?

So there, that’s one more warlord for my burgeoning Viking army. I really need to double down and get some more lads painted up, but that’s for the new year.

That’s it for now! I’ll be having another piece up tomorrow in which I’ll feature a very small new project. Other than that: more Prussians on the desk, as well as some final (I hope) crusader commission models. Until next time!